Clean and Shed those Extra Pounds

clean and keep your house clean all at the same time.
clean and keep your house clean all at the same time.

Clean and Lose Weight at the Same Time

Are you dying to lose weight? Have you always found it hard to stick to any form of exercise? Did you know that you can lose those unwanted pounds by doing what you already do? Cleaning your house on a day to day basis. 

It is not necessary to run around the block, do sit-ups and push-ups or work out to an exercise video every day. You might not like cleaning but it is something that is a necessary part of life. You can actually do two things at once, lose weight and keep your house tidy at the same time. You will have a toned,tight body and a beautifully clean house. 

Put together a schedule for yourself, you should be aiming to vacuum every room in your house. Clean and scrub the kitchen floor and wash the kitchen cupboards every day. It should take two hours maximum, as you should aim to do it as fast as possible. When you are clean, hold your stomach in, tense the muscles in your butt and stomach as much as you can. When vacuum the floor make sure you lunge forward every time you take a step. When you are cleaning put much more effort into it. Do it with a bit more elbow grease if you know what I mean. Think about it like this, if you put more effort into cleaning, by the time you have finished cleaning you would have done a full blown workout. 

You should aim to try and do your cleaning regime at least five days a week. One thing you should also think about doing is, giving your whole house a clear out. Clear out everything that you simply don't need.  For example, things you just have not used for years, this takes a lot of energy and you could see it as a workout as well. Think of it like this, new, clean house and new you. 

Keep your house clean and take care of your body all at the same time. 

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