How to Remove Chewing Gum from A Laminate Floor

Cleaning Laminate Floors: Getting Rid of Gum

It's easy to remove chewing gum from laminate floors.
It's easy to remove chewing gum from laminate floors.

How to remove chewing gum from laminate flooring

Maybe you have friends and family members who are regular gum chewers, or maybe someone simply tracked the gum in. Regardless, it’s stuck on your laminate floor and you want it off before it does major damage.

Removing chewing gum from laminate flooring is not as scary as say, removing it from your toddler’s hair. In fact it’s a lot less painful.

To get the gum out of your floor, follow these simple steps

1) Stick some ice on the gum itself – if possible avoid having the ice sit directly on the laminate. That means you will need to sit there and hold a bag of ice on the gum spot for a least a minute or two. Just dropping the bag of ice on your floor and letting it sit will likely give you a big water spot on your floor – and it may not come off, be careful.

2) Use a plastic knife, the back end of a plastic spoon or fork, or even a plastic paint scraper if you happen to have one lying around.

3) Gently stick the plastic tool under the gum, right where it meets the floor, and scrap it off.

4) Be careful here too – If you have to use a ton of pressure to pull the gum off, try reapplying the ice. Otherwise you are going to leave deep gouges in your laminate from the scraping tool.

If the gum is in a long flat streak on the floor and can’t be scraped off easily, do not use sandpaper. Sand paper will ruin the finish of your laminate and you will have a permanently disfigured section of flooring instead of a single spot of gum. Just find a good flat scraper (plastic only, it’s easier on your floor). And keep at it. The gum will come up. Once you’ve finished cleaning up the gum use a laminate cleaner, spray the area and wipe up any moisture that is left.

Cleaning laminate floors really isn't all that difficult. With the right care your floors could last thirty years or more. Laminate requires very little to keep it looking beautiful.

Popular laminate floor cleaners

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