Cleaning can be fun!

Cleaning is a part of our everyday living. Our houses are the main location of all the cleaning. So why not try to enjoy doing the chores? I also have a two year old who tries to help. Whether you clean by yourself or have a happy helper, it can be turned into fun!

   First, start by picking out music that is upbeat and you like.For me, music makes everything better. I will even jam out to kid's songs! Then you will have to decide what type of cleaning you are going to do? For example, are you just wanting to surface clean or do you want to scrub and dust the place? I suggest deciding in which order to do the rooms as well. I tend to start at the closest point to the front door. At least this way, if someone stops by, that area will most likely have already been cleaned. Gather all your cleaning supplies and keep a bucket of hot, soapy water handy. Remember to start at the top such as counters and cupboards saving your floor till last. You will be able to sweep, mop and vaccuum all the excess crumbs this way.

   When my daughter is going to help me, I show her my cleaning supplies and explain the dangers they pose if she were to get ahold of them. Next I give her a wash rag and let her use the water to wipe down the walls. We like to sing cleaning songs like Whistle While You Work and I'm A Happy Helper. We even play basketball with the dirty paper towels as we go. Just set a small wastebasket in the room you are working in. My daughter has a push bug and she uses it when it is time to vaccuum. Her room is the worst because I like to seperate her toys into groups. This is actually fun to do because I get to look at each toy and my childhood memories come back. I ask her to put things away and she does most of the time. If your child makes a mess as you are cleaning, just sit them on the couch with a few books or toys and they will likely follow directions. Remember, when kids' are around when you are cleaning, keep the cleaning supplies in your site at all times. Even if they think they are being helpful, children do not really understand the extent of danger these things pose. When both of my children are home, I have them race to see who can put this or that away the fastest. Their competitive nature will take over and your house will get clean.

   Once you have selected the rooms in order your going to clean them, Try to come up with games for each room. I tend to play like I am shopping and I take all of the stuff I do not want and seperate it into its' own pile. After I have put a pile together, I bag it up and give it to a friend, neighbor or family member. This is fun for the recipient as well. You also can include moving furniture in your routine. I might just move around pictures or knick-knacks, but it gives a hint of freshness to the room. Dancing in motion while cleaning is a great workout and a perfect way to enjoy your cleaning. Choose a radio channel, cd, or video and you will have fun. Your children will also join in and put some moves to test. The most important thing is that we are safe and read the instructions on every solution we use and keep the rooms well ventilated. I have actually known someone who has passed out from lack of oxygen and a great amount of fumes.

   Hopefully you can take some of these ideas and include them in your daily routine. Another last tip: When you get up in the morning, try to put a sexy or classy outfit on, then clean. You will feel a certain vavoom while you sweat!    

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