Clearing Clutter Before You Move

Anyone who has ever gone through a move will tell you the more stuff you bring with you, the harder the move will be. The costs in time, movers and labor, and expenses of hauling a great deal of belongings can easily give what should have been a new chapter in your life, a bad start. Reducing the amount of items you haul with you is always a good idea to consider, and a garage sale can quickly dispose of things that would have just become clutter in your new home.

Garage sales are popular because they serve two purposes; first, they help you get rid of the stuff you don’t need anymore, and second, they bring in extra cash you can use to help pay the moving expenses, or for decorating your new home. If you do decide to conduct a garage sale, make sure you plan it ahead of time, preferably at least a couple of weeks before your move so it doesn’t interfere with your moving schedule.

Choosing which of your items to get rid of, and which ones you want to keep can be difficult, especially if you’re the type of person that likes to collect things. One of easiest ways to determine if you can let go of a certain item is to ask yourself whether or not you’ll be using it in the next few months. If you still have trouble choosing which items to put up for sale, try asking a friend or even another family member for a second opinion. Looking at each item objectively is the best way to weed out stuff that would otherwise spend the rest of its days inside a box in your attic.

Once you have all the items you’ll put on for sale separated, try to do a bit of research so you can price them fairly. No one is going to pay full price for used items, sure, but there’s no point in selling things for less than what they are actually worth. Do an internet search to see the common price ranges for certain used items, and make sure you’re not selling any collector’s items by mistake. Once you settle on how much each item will go for, label them appropriately at least a day before the sale so as to make it easier for the buyers to browse your wares.

The best way to ensure a successful garage sale is to advertise it well. “Walk-in” customers can and do turn up once in a while, but if you want to get rid of everything, make sure you inform potential buyers beforehand.

As long as done properly, garage sales are great ways to get rid of potential clutter before your move. Even if you don’t sell everything, you can always donate the things that are leftover to charity. So if you’re planning a move and have too much stuff that needs packing, why not do a garage sale? It may be the best solution to your potential clutter problems.

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thecatgallery profile image

thecatgallery 3 years ago from Santa Fe, NM

All very well and good, and theoretically it's a practical approach to moving. I even had a garage sale once. Wish I had some of the things I sold though. But for the most part it was successful, except for some real regrets. So think it through carefully. I've often found in general that when I get rid of something, I will suddenly find a need for it. I've decided next time I move, I'm just going to get a bigger house :-)

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 3 years ago from North Carolina Author

Yes, you definitely have to think it through, and make sure you are selling items you are ready to get rid of. Buying a bigger house is another great option :) Thanks for stopping by my hub!

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