Finding the Best Closet Organizers

Having a closet that needs some attention and organization isn't too uncommon for most people.  Whether it's because you're one of those people who just can't get rid of stuff or you've never had time to clean out your closet before, coming upon a "disaster area" of a closet and trying to find something certainly be frustrating to anyone.

Getting your closet organized and ready to go can realistically happen if you have a game plan.  Before you go on a cleaning spree and end up overwhelming or tiring yourself out too quickly you should know what you're going to do.  For example, map out what you plan to accomplish by cleaning out and organizing your closet.  What are you going to do with that junk you've collected from years ago?  A true closet organization will have all the details thought out beforehand.

Quick Closet Organization Tips

  • Arrange your clothing from shortest to tallest.  All the clothes that you have hanging up should be arranged in this way to maximize available floor space.  The added room will make it so you can put extra shelves or drawers underneath the shorter pieces of clothes.
  • Organize your clothing by color.  While following the tip above (keeping the same lengths of clothes together), get your clothes together in relatively similar color groups.  Doing this will help you find your favorite shirt or pants faster on those busy Monday mornings.
  • Find and use those inexpensive organizing items from Walmart or another related store.  Over-the-door hangers, hooks, and Rubbermaid bins can all make your life just a little easier.  When certain clothes are out of season, try using one of those vacuum seal bags to flatten them and tuck them away for when you need them again.

Organization with Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid has a wide assortment of products to fit the needs of anyone wanting to organize their closet.  Their product line is almost limitless and can fit into the budget of just about anyone.  So whether you're looking for a organizer for shirts, shoes, or even toys, you can find something from Rubbermaid.

One of the number one reasons to go with Rubbermaid products is the fact their easy to maintain and configure.  The wire organizers that they sell are great and versatile for any size closet and organization job.  They also make baskets, racks, and even hanging storage solutions that can be moved around quickly and easily based on your needs.  If you're looking for something more permanent, Rubbermaid also make permanent storage and organization products.


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