Colonial Window Shutters

Colonial window shutters are elegant and timeless and can be used for any style of home. Colonial shutters that are well constructed are often compared to high quality furniture. The shutters can either be stained or painted to match any style of home.

Colonial window shutters originated in the Northeast region of the United States. Generally, colonial window shutters are ¾ inches thick with louvers that are 1-1/4” wide. Most colonial window shutters have flat louvers; however, most colonial shutters are wedge shaped and have a small ridge running down the center of the louvers. The louvers are small and are spaced close together. Colonial window shutters are made in a wide range of panel configurations that depends on the height and width of your window. For larger windows, two tier colonial window shutters are often recommended. Each tier of shutters works independently of the other. The most popular colonial window shutters are four panels having two panels on each side. This style is also the popular choice for colonial window shutters that are called single tier café shutters, which cover the bottom part of a window. The only material that is used for colonial window shutters is wood. It has been tradition for years that no synthetic materials be used to make these shutters. A valance is often used with this style of shutter to cover only the bottom portion of the window.

Unfortunately, the availability of colonial window shutters has decreased in recent years. There are only a few manufacturers that have kept this style of shutter available. However, in recent years colonial window shutters have made a comeback and are no longer limited to the New England area. Some of the more common terms for colonial window shutters are colonial blinds or traditional shutters.

You can find more information on colonial window shutters by visiting any website where home supplies are sold such as home remodeling websites and home improvement websites. You can also visit home improvement centers and watch in store videos that show how you can install colonial window shutters yourself. The videos also show you exactly what tools you will need to do the job quickly and efficiently. Learning how to install colonial window shutters yourself will save you a lot of money by not having to hire a professional installer. However, if you decide to hire a professional installer, be sure to shop around for the best price.


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