Comforts of a Patio Gazebo

A patio gazebo is a nice touch to any backyard and makes a wonderful addition
as an outdoor living space. They provide a nice area to sit and relax where you
are protected from rain and sun. These are perfect for entertaining a few
guests and are often decorated with climbing vines and flowering plants in
addition to calming water features. They can be purchased assembled or as kits
and are available at local home improvement centers or several different

What are Patio Gazebos?

Patio gazebos are popular, open-sided rooms that usually have a roof, openings
on the sides and have a floor. Most often, they are located in backyards or
private areas of homes. Sizes vary and therefore furnishings may differ based
on personal preferences and requirements. Those that entertain frequently may
furnish with an outdoor patio table and matching chairs. Some people
prefer a relaxing place for solitude and have benches built right into the

Often gazebos are customized and personalized with screening for protection
from insects such as mosquitoes and flies. Additionally, outdoor wall fountains
or small table fountains are installed for the enjoyment of the tranquil sounds
of water. Many include decorative ceiling fans that match the decor of the
enclosure and provide a cooling breeze.

It is not unusual to find stylish shapes including octagonal, square, oval or a
hexagon gazebo. There is a wide variety of types to fit most any taste
including a wrought iron gazebo, an aluminum gazebo or the popular tent gazebo.


It is a good idea to spend some time shopping around so that you become
familiar with all the different styles, accessories and custom options that are
available, as well as prices. Once you understand your options, consider how
the gazebo will be used to determine a size. If you intend to entertain a lot
then a large 20 x 20 foot size may meet your needs or for a more personal
touch, an 8 x8 could be just perfect.

Narrow down a style of interest and decide about entryway openings and
screening options. Select roofing options of slate shingles, asphalt, cedar or
custom ordered. Flooring choices may include composite decking, pine or the
patio gazebo can be directly attached to an existing patio base. At this time
you will also need to decide if you want built in water features, lighting or
electrical wiring for ceiling fans or possibly a music system. Determine if you
want a kit to be assembled or purchase a fully assembled structure.


There are numerous types of lights available for gazebos, most of which can be
purchased at home improvement centers, online or custom ordered. Bright
lighting systems are wonderful for outdoor evening entertainment. While more
diffused lighting may be suitable for small private occasions. Popular lighting
options include hanging lights and chandeliers, lanterns, globe lamps, string
lights, wall sconces or solar lighting.

As you can see a patio gazebo can be kept as simple or as plush as you wish to
match your needs and tastes. Consider all options so you will have a
comfortable outdoor retreat.

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John C 5 years ago

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