Common Toilet Problems

Mr. Plunger Says...

Common Toilet Problems:

Mr. Plunger will help you examine these common toilet problems:

A clogged toilet is one of the most common plumbing problems. If a toilet overflows or flushes sluggishly, clear the clog with a plunge. If the clog persists, the clog may be in the main waste and vent stack. Most other toilet problems are fixed easily with minor adjustments that require no disassembly or replacement parts. You can easily make these adjustments in a few minutes, using simple tools.


Lets Bullet some quick fixes as we match them to the problems..ok?



Toilet handle sticks, or is hard to push: Repairs: 1) Adjust lift wires. 2) Clean and adjust handles.


Handle is loose. Repairs: 1) Adjust Handle 2) Reattach lift chain or lift wires to lever.


Toilet will not flush. Repairs: 1) Make sure water is turned on. 2) Adjust water level in tank.


Toilet Does not flush Completely. Repairs: 1) Adjust lift chain or lift wires. 2) Adjust water level in tank.


Toilet over flows, or flushes sluggishly. Repairs: 1) Clear clogged toilet using plunger. 2) Or clear clogged main waste and vent stack using a tool called a snake.


Toilet runs continuously. Repairs:1) Adjust life wires or lift chain. 2) Replace leaky float ball. 3) Adjust water level in tank. 4) Adjust and clean flush valve. 5) Replace flush valve. 6) Repair or replace ballcock..


In these problems and repairs please note that one of the repairs you perform can do the trick.. I hope this quick fix article helps.. Look for Mr. Plunger again as we tackle more of your bathroom needs and repairs.

© 2011 Frank Atanacio

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Comments 8 comments

Sunshine625 profile image

Sunshine625 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

Helpful hub Frank! Thank you for the tips Mr Fix-it!!! :)

writer20 profile image

writer20 5 years ago from Southern Nevada

I never thought I would see this type of hub on hubpages. But, here it is and i'm sure it help out a lot of people.

Aphrodite Venus profile image

Aphrodite Venus 5 years ago from Orlando

Vote up funny & useful. lol. you made me laugh with this one. Going to have to call Mr. Plunger over. The other day my toilet filled up with water after cleaning it with Mr.Clean and honestly I didn't know what to do so I decided to flush and it was worse. Good one Frank.

PoweroftheCross profile image

PoweroftheCross 5 years ago from Above and Beyond...

Helpful and funny. Mr. Plunger is patient and he knows toilets. Very helpful Hub! Is this a page from your book- plumbing for dummies? :) Great tips!

Moms-Secret profile image

Moms-Secret 4 years ago from Central Florida

I have to be honest, the toilet scares me. I am ready to fight against the evil toilets in my life even tho I am intimidated but I am afraid that there is a language barrier or something. I read this and I just kept asking how. How do you adjust all these things. Maybe Mr. Plumber can make me a few you tube videos that I can follow. Monkey see, monkey do...

Anyway, one toilet runs after flushing. I lift the lid and barely tap the stick the floaty ball is connected to and it stops. The other toilet doesn't have a floaty ball, it has an elevator black thing. I can't really explain its problem. You flush once, it fills up. Flush again, it stays empty. When it fills up, it doesn't stop. Water comes pouring out of the tank. Woe is me and my toilets...

Frank Atanacio profile image

Frank Atanacio 4 years ago from Shelton Author

thank you Sunshine, Marlene, Powerofthecross and Writer20 and Mom's secret for reading this quick fix it hub :) Frank

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 4 years ago from Dallas, Texas

I like the Mr. Plunger approach to repairs. It seems friendly. I can see a series starting up with this guy as the champion. We recently replaced the wax ring on our wc after the plumber we hired failed to put one on properly. It's not that hard. I bet Mr. Plunger knows how to do this.

Frank Atanacio profile image

Frank Atanacio 4 years ago from Shelton Author

lol thanks peg :) bless you

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