Types Of Patio Furniture

Rattan furniture

Rattan furniture from www.holloways.co.uk
Rattan furniture from www.holloways.co.uk

Types of Conservatory Furniture

So, you've spent a fortune on a new conservatory. It's bright, airy, beautiful - and empty. What to fill it with? So many choices, aren't there? Lets look at a few.


Similar to bamboo, Rattans are a type of palm tree found in hot tropical regions such as Africa and Indonesia. Although they are palms they are not strictly trees but more like vines, growing through and around other vegetation. In contrast to bamboo, their stems are solid and are harvested as an alternative to wood. Rattan furniture made by quality craftsmen is ideal for conservatories as it handles warm, humid conditions very well. It is easy to care for (see a guide here) and makes a beautiful addition to any conservatory.

The Classic Look

The Lloyd Range from www.holloways.co.uk
The Lloyd Range from www.holloways.co.uk


For a more traditional look, try some classically designed furniture. Cane, white-painted wood, pine, oak - there are many choices for the traditional conservatory. Cane is usually the most popular choice, combining a classic elegance with ease of maintenance and the ability to withstand the often hot and humid conditions in a conservatory.

The Contemporary Look
The Contemporary Look


What makes a look contemporary? Well, in a conservatory its the fabrics you choose. The furniture base will almost certainly be cane or rattan but with self-coloured white or pastel fabrics you can give the space a light, airy modern and clean feel. Don't use dark colours or fussy patterns, just keep it simple.

The Apollo Range from www.holloways.co.uk
The Apollo Range from www.holloways.co.uk

Glass and Metal

For an even more contemporary look, think about glass and metal. Glass makes the conservatory look brighter and less cluttered while the metal base is easy to clean. The climate inside the conservatory, however, means the furniture will need frequent cleaning to keep it looking fresh. A brand new conservatory with gleaming metal and glass will have you feeling bright and new in no time.

There are so many choices when you come to furnish your conservatory that it can become overwhelming. I hope these select few have helped narrow things down, but if you're looking for even more choice, look at this other post about Conservatory Furniture.

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