The Good Life Now Offers Contech's Scarecrow Sprinkler

The ConTech Scarecrow Sprinkler
The ConTech Scarecrow Sprinkler | Source

A Pest Repeller That Is Backed By The Good Life Co.

The company is called Good Life, out of Canada, and they produce a line of premium dog training devices that utilize ultrasonic sound as a means to curb dog barking and other unwanted behaviors.

Their dog training products are very effective and quite well made, especially when compared to some other dog training devices that are available on the market.

You Probably Have A Good Life Product In Your Home And Don't Even Know It

The reason I mention this is because in the world of dog training devices, when you say Good Life, you are talking about a quality product that is produced and marketed by the Good Life company.

What a lot of people don't know is that the Good Life company also offers a few (and I mean a very few) other items on their website that they believe lives up to the high standards of quality that their own products must meet.

One of these products is the motion activated Scarecrow Sprinkler by Contech.

Contech Scarecrow Sprinkler Repels Varmints

The Hydroblast Scarecrow Sprinkler Repells Deer, Cats, Raccoons, etc...

Do you have a garden and want to keep deer, raccoon and other pests out of it but don’t know how?

Believe me friend, you are not the only one who has been stumped by the question of "how to keep pests out of my garden".

I have tried fencing and aluminum pans with very little success because deer can jump very high.

I was at a loss for what to do next, short of posting a guard with a loaded gun I couldn't think of a way to keep these midnight bandits away from my produce.

That was until I came across a motion activated pest repeller.

A Jet Type Sprinkler with a Motion Detector

It's called the Hydroblast Scarecrow Sprinkler and this little gadget could be the answer you have been scouring the earth for.

This highly effective and very humane pest repeller works excellently as a deer repellent and it is just as effective at deterring dog, cat, blue heron, raccoon, rabbit and squirrel also!

Nothing is perfect and the Scarecrow Sprinkler is no exception, installation can be a bit tricky – I had to use some Teflon tape on the threads to keep it from leaking and a healthy post in the ground keeps it from moving around on us over time.

It's The Only Thing We Have Found That Works

Having pointed out those two negatives, the fact remains that the Scarecrow Sprinkler the only thing that has worked for us in keeping the voracious deer around our house out of our yard and garden.

If you live in an area with deer and raccoon and you decide to plant blueberry, rose, marijuana, tomato, hibiscus, tostas, etc... the only way to keep your plants looking their best is with the Hydroblast Scarecrow Sprinkler.

It will keep the deer from eating your plants, period.

The ConTech Scarecrow Sprinkler

This is what Contech's Scarecrow Sprinkler will do for you:

  • keep deer from stripping blueberry plants,
  • keep deer away from rose bushes,
  • keep deer away from marijuana plants,
  • keep deer away from tomato plants,
  • keep deer from eating hibiscus,
  • keep deer from eating hostas,
  • keep deer from eating roses.

I have never been so pleased with a product as I am with this one.

If you need more information or just want to see what else I can ramble on about, visit my website called My Problem With The Hydroblast Scarecrow Sprinkler at:

Let Me Know What You Think About The Scarecrow Sprinkler

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