Cooking Up a Kitchen Lighthouse Theme ... Ideas for Decorating with Lighthouses

Portland Head Lighthouse Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Portland Head Lighthouse Cape Elizabeth, Maine | Source

A "Light Filled" Kitchen when Decorating with Lighthouses

Are you tired of the same old boring kitchen? Do you want to do a kitchen remodel but, like a lot of us today, you just can't afford it? Or maybe you live in an apartment and you aren't allowed to do any major changes but you want to make the kitchen seem like it is your own. A face lift just might do the trick and it will fit more easily into your budget. Have you ever thought of using a lighthouse decorating theme to make your kitchen more light filled?

Collecting Items for a Lighthouse Theme Kitchen Can Be Fun!

Many may think that theme kitchens are tacky...if that's the case you might want to stop reading at this point! Others believe it can be great fun to collect the different components that go into the making of theme kitchens. You can experience "the thrill of the hunt" by scouting out items that will give your theme kitchen character. You will be amazed by the items that are available either at yard sales, flea markets, kitchen shops, Christmas shops and lighthouse gift shops.

Here are some ideas for your Lighthouse Kitchen:

  • Lighthouse gift shops have a tremendous choice of items that could be used in creating the perfect theme. For example, a pair of lighthouse bookends can be used on your cookbook shelf. How about a lighthouse sun catcher in your kitchen window?
  • A Christmas shop will surely have lighthouse ornaments that look more nautical than Christmas-like. They can be hung from your kitchen curtain valance.
  • Post cards with lighthouse pictures make a very inexpensive display on your refrigerator. Or buy some yard sale frames and hang the post cards in your kitchen. Better yet, find some pretty lighthouse pictures on the Internet and print them out. The kids can help with this project!
  • Find an old brass bell at a yard sale or flea market and polish it up to add to your collection. A ship's bell mounted to a piece of driftwood and hung in the kitchen looks great. Ring the bell when dinner is ready!!
  • Speaking of driftwood, there are lots of nautical ideas that will fit into your scheme. If you can find the right piece of wood, put some cup hooks in it and use it to hang your curtains. Or mount it to the wall and hang some lighthouse design mugs on it. You can easily find lighthouse mugs at yard sales as well as lighthouse decorative plates and light switch covers with lighthouse designs.
  • If you have a large enough wall in your kitchen, you might want to consider a wall mural with a lighthouse pictured on it. They can be ordered online at several sites including and are relatively easy to install.
  • When hunting for lighthouse decorative accents, keep your mind open to nautical items. Many of them will fit into your lighthouse theme kitchen.
  • Just don't go too big with any of your decorations unless you have a very big kitchen. Remember there is a fine line between a nice theme kitchen and one that is too busy or tacky.

As you can see, between the decorative items that are on the market and theme related ideas for handcrafted items, the possibilities are endless for making a "Lighthouse" kitchen that is truly your own.

This kitchen trivet is an example of a nautical item that would fit in with your "Lighthouse Kitchen" theme

Here are Some "Lighthouse Kitchen" Decorative Items:

Light House Ceramic 3-D Canisters Set of 4 Jar
Light House Ceramic 3-D Canisters Set of 4 Jar

A Very Good Price for a Ceramic Canister Set!

Lighthouse Kitchen Spoon Fork Wall Art Ship
Lighthouse Kitchen Spoon Fork Wall Art Ship

These are 12 inches tall and would look perfect in our "Lighthouse Kitchen"


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Thanks for your comment Talullah and I look forward to following you!


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Talullah 4 years ago from SW France

A lovely hub!

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Interesting hub...I really like the lighthouse cutting board.

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