Cool New Vessel Sink Vanities For 2013

Another Year, Another Roundup

It's almost the beginning of a brand new year, and for me, that means another round-up of my favorite new vanities (meaning: they must have been initially manufactured in 2012, and not before) that will be surefire hits in 2013.

But why bathroom vanities? For me, the vanity has always been more than just another bathroom fixture: unlike a shower, toilet, or tub, a vanity is the one piece of your bathroom design puzzle that really sings with personality and can truly make or break your bathroom design. A beautiful cabinet sets the tone for the rest of your bathroom; a boring vanity makes for a boring bathroom, no matter how nice the rest of the room may be.

2012 saw some interesting trends in the bathroom vanity design world, and those trends are looking like they will remain steady throughout most of 2013. Ready to take a look at my pick for the biggest vanity trends? Let's jump on in!

Glass vanity tops are in
Glass vanity tops are in | Source

Metal Is Out, Glass Is In

Metal vessel sinks were very popular from 2009 to the beginning of 2012, but within the last few months interest in metal sinks for home updates has been waning. If you look at my past vanity design predictions and updates, you'll see that metal was a big hit for most of the latter years of the first 21st century decade; however, now frosted glass vessel sinks are more popular than ever!

Frosted glass sinks are hardly "new" on the scene, and indeed, they have been stalwart favorites for at least the last ten years. However, 2013 might be the year that glass vessel sinks finally take the #1 spot among the most popular sinks in the world. I'm predicting that sales of frosted glass vessel sinks, paired with modern vanities, will continue to rise and will become the definitive 2013 bathroom sink trend.

Modern Cabinet Styles Will Continue to Reign Supreme

Antique style vanities are still immensely popular, but over the last few years, they have been entirely outsold and outclassed by modern style cabinets.

Contemporary vanity designs have become more innovative, more stylish more artistic, and far more functional - and the most creative design minds in the industry are building contemporary sink cabinets, not antique ones. So modern design will continue to grow and flourish in the bathroom furniture industry, and vanities are no exception. Expect the trend of modern bathroom vanities in home remodels to continue unabated, as it has for the last few years.

White cabinets are coming back, and are a strong contender for the most popular vanity color in 2013
White cabinets are coming back, and are a strong contender for the most popular vanity color in 2013 | Source

Black or White?

One of the more interesting trends I've seen in modern bathroom furniture design has been the slow but steady move towards "white" cabinets. Black or espresso-colored modern cabinets were all the rage in 2008-2010, but beginning in 2011, white cabinets started becoming more popular. In 2012, white cabinets finally caught up to black cabinets in terms of popularity.

I'm predicting that white vanities will continue to gain favor among prospective bathroom remodelers, and in 2013, they will completely surpass black vanities in popularity.

I believe the reason for this trend is largely because, while black vanities look truly stunning in a bathroom, the dark coloration does make them feel more "confined" and can add a restrictive element in the bathroom design. White cabinets, on the other hand, are very liberating and can really "open up" the bathroom. White looks cleaner than black, and frankly, as bathrooms are getting smaller and smaller, it's important that you use colors that emphasize whatever space you might have available to create a breezy, open, welcoming room.

My Favorite New Vanities:

2012 was a great year for modern bathroom vanity design, and there are many great companies out there building these fine furniture pieces. Now I will pick out my top 5 new vanity designs from 2012, that I predict will be huge hits in 2013:

The Lune vanity is a new classic that will enjoy immense popularity for years to come
The Lune vanity is a new classic that will enjoy immense popularity for years to come | Source

#1: "La Lune," by JWH Imports

The Lune vanity is a beautiful modern bathroom addition that was one of my top picks last year, as well. I'm allowed to have the same vanity appear twice in a row, right? :P

The thing is, when I saw "La Lune" for the first time in 2011, I just knew it was going to be a big winner in 2012. And I was right! I reached out to JWH in an email and they told me they were immensely pleased with how well the Lune sold in 2012; and they project even more orders this year!

The Lune is, to put it simply, one good-looking vanity. It's not too envelope-pushing, by any means, but it hits that perfect middleground of modern style and important bathroom functionality. It's not ostentatious and loud, but it certainly has an eye-catching allure to it. It's artistically asymmetrical, clean and neat, and with a smooth and sleek finish. I am not a huge fan of the ceramic basin, but luckily, you can get it with a frosted glass top! Perfect! The Lune is also available in white and gray. JWH Imports is still relatively new to the industry, so you can't find the Lune in too many stores, but you can absolutely find it on Tradewinds Imports and LTD Online Stores.

Sweet Caroline!
Sweet Caroline! | Source

#2: The "Caroline," by Virtu USA

This super-elegant vanity is a lovely merger of modern aesthetic and traditional sensibility. It's an interesting fusion of some of my favorite modern and antique elements; the trim has an almost French-provincial flavor to it, but it's subdued enough that this vanity still passes with a certain modern zen-aesthetic.

The granite countertop is a throwback to classic home decorating, as well, but it features a very smooth polish without any overly-ornate flourishes. This vanity is efficient, effective, and streamlined, without being too "Plain Jane." In short, it's one of the most balanced vanities I've ever seen, and I think it will be a very popular choice in 2013!

This is my most oddball choice of the year, but I can't help but love this cabinet!
This is my most oddball choice of the year, but I can't help but love this cabinet! | Source

#3: The "Unico," by Fresca

This awesome double vanity is really a modern take on a classic baroque style: flamboyant and flashy, without being too over the top, or too kitschy. This vanity takes the classic curves of the baroque style and smooths them out, pulls them back a bit, and gives them a slight sense of modesty that makes for truly compelling modern design.

Needless to say, this vanity is the "coolest" and most oddball of the vanities I've selected as my top picks for this year. In that sense, my prediction is a little risky. Many people will be turned off by the oddity of this cabinet, but for those seeking a little more adventure in their contemporary bathroom, or who want a touch of real flamboyant personality in their home: the Unico vanity is for you!

If this vanity turns out not to be a best-seller this year, I'll be a little surprised, but let's face it: I love this cabinet, and it'll probably show up on the list again next year.

The Sorrento: I love those subtle curves!
The Sorrento: I love those subtle curves! | Source

#4: The "Sorrento," by Madeli

The Sorrento vanity is another fusion of modern and traditional styles, a twist on an old classic that's updated for a bold new year in the 21st century: while ostensibly it features the same bulbous, pudgy shape that popularized many aristocratic cabinets in the 19th and early 20th century, the mood is tempered and toned down with some humble geometry and a simple, but tremendously effective, finish.

Unlike most modern vanities, this small cabinet is not afraid to embrace its swooping arches and its many curves: it relishes in its roots while looking ahead to an efficient, zen-inspired future. This vanity is relaxed and modest but it still has a cute "pop" to it that will create a subliminally happy atmosphere in your bathroom. Perfect for a bathroom that's a little "over-masculine" and could use just a dash of feminine balance. A beautiful cabinet that will surely be popular!

The Modus is highly customizable and configurable, making it a great choice for the control-oriented bathroom expressionist!
The Modus is highly customizable and configurable, making it a great choice for the control-oriented bathroom expressionist! | Source

#5: The "Modus," by JWH Imports

JWH Imports is doing pretty great things with modern cabinet design, despite being such a relatively young company. That's why they get two spots on this list! Coming in at number five on my list of the top vanities of 2013, the Modus won't be everyone's cup of tea, but if you like compelling ideas in clean, modern packages: the Modus is for you. This floating vanity is efficient, effective, and neat, but it is also playful in some really unique ways: the vanity comes in 3 individual wall-mounted pieces, so you can organize it in any number of possible permutations!

One of the great things about modern cabinet design is the modularity of it all, and the Modus is a great example of this. Your bathroom should make a statement about you and your preferences, and a custom setup gives you total control over how you express yourself with your furniture.

It's a cool trend that I actually see many more vanity manufacturers sticking with, allowing a full range of custom configuration options, and JWH Imports is leading the pack in this regard (they currently have 3 different vanity models that allow for endless custom configurations... pretty good for a company that only has a handful of models available).

The Modus is made out of 100% reclaimed wood, so it's as eco-friendly as it is stunning. If you're looking to make a big impact on your bathroom design with just one piece of furniture, then the Modus is a really strong choice.

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