Copper Sinks

Over the years, copper sinks have been growing increasingly more popular and its not because of its simplistic, modern appearance.  Besides the contemporary and luxury feel of copper sinks, there are many benefits for getting a replacement copper sink.  One of the number one reasons why people purchase copper sinks today is for the almost maintanence free nature of copper.

With porcelein and other materials, bacteria, grease, and grime can build up which creates an unpleasant look and smell.  In order to maintain those types of materials, you have buy harsh chemicals to scour that filth away.  With a copper, however, you don't have to use chemicals to keep it clean.  A simple sponge combined with soap and water can easily keep your sink free of all those nasty, unhealthy things.

If you're a health nut (and even if you're not you should be), you're probably aware of the how the cleanliness of the areas you prepare and cook food on can greatly impact your health.  If you don't keep your kitchen area maintained, you can end up getting sick more often (with worse illnesses) than people who keep their cooking space clean.  Your sink can be one of the most dirty places in your kitchen or bathroom and so the benefits of a material like copper (and its antibacterial properties) is almost immeasurable.

Copper Kitchen Sinks

Whether you're building a new house or remodeling your current kitchen, you should definitely consider using a copper kitchen sink. While many people are used having metallic or porcelain as the material of their sink, copper is truly the superior choice.

Copper, a metal dating back to ancient cultures, has always been a popular choice for sinks and can be found in many kitchens and bathrooms throughout the world. Mostly manufactured in Mexico, USA, and India, you can find the style and quality of copper sink that fits your budget and tastes.

If you want a sink that has a "traditional" feel to it, you'll want to pick up one manufactured from a country like Mexico. Each one of their sinks is hammered by hand into a bowl-like shape. This gives the sink an "old world" feel and fits in any kitchen wanting a classic, rustic feel. For a more modern look, you can get high quality results from an American made sink.  Copper kitchen sinks can also be found in all the popular styles and appearances.  Whether you want a copper farmhouse sink style or want a copper apron sink or a combination of two (or mixed with other styles), there is manufacturer who makes exactly what you're looking for.

With your kitchen sink, there are copper bar faucets designed to compliment the look and feel of the basin. Either purchased separately or from the same manufacturer, you can find the bar faucet that matches your sink's color and texture.

One thing to be aware of when choosing copper as your material for your kitchen sink is it's sensitive to acidic foods and liquids. So, when cutting lemons or oranges, take care to keep any juices from getting onto the copper. The acid will slowly react and damage the copper, so proper cleaning with water should be done after food preperation.

Copper Sinks Mixed with Stainless Steel

Copper Bathroom Sinks

If you want an sophisticated, old world feel in your bathroom, copper is just the choice for you.  With the ability to match just about every decor and style, copper is simply a great alternative to polymers or stainless steel.  As mentioned before, one of the great benefits of copper (unlike most other materials) is it has natural antibacterial properties.  A sink, especially one located in the bathroom, can definitely benefit from this.

You can get copper bathroom sinks is a variety of different shapes and styles.  Whether you want a rounded bowl, square, or rectangle, you can find the shape that harmonizes with your preferences.

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