Corded and Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers - Which Should you Choose?

In recent years the options when it comes to buying a lawn mower have expanded considerably and it is now feasible to opt for a cordless electric lawn mower rather than the traditional gas driven mower. Until recently the batteries used in cordless mowers were not very good, didn't hold very much charge and took a long time to recharge. However advances in the technology have meant that batteries can be fully charged in as little time as an hour and can hold enough charge to mow a reasonably large area on one charge.

Electric mowers have some advantages over gas powered mowers notably the lack of required maintenance and the fact that they are much more environmentally friendly. They emit no fumes and are very quiet so you can mow your lawn early in the morning without waking up all the neighbors! A traditional gas mower will need to be maintained regularly as you would for your car engine including changing the plugs and filters and starting them using the recoil starter can be problematical at times. Electric mowers, on the other hand, are virtually maintenance free, all you need to do is to make sure the blades are free from grass clippings and sharpen the blade occasionally.

Should you buy a cordless or a corded model?

Both of these options have their disadvantages and advantages so you will need to think carefully about the size of lawn you need to cut and the distance of the farthest points from a power source. Most corded mowers are limited to about 100 feet from the power supply so if there are areas to cut further away than this you won't be able to use this type of mower. Take into account also the presence of obstacles such as trees and garden benches that the cord would need to be run around as well. Many people also do not like the inconvenience of trailing a cord around behind them and the possibility of cutting through the cord if they are careless. A corded mower however will, of course, continue mowing as long as needed to finish mowing the lawn.

Cordless lawn mowers will need recharging before use but nowadays this can take as little time as an hour. The Bosch Rotak 43 for instance can cut around six hundred square meters of grass on one recharge but if you have more than this it can be 80% recharged in thirty minutes so you could stop for a coffee, recharge then come back and finish off! Cordless mowers are lighter than many of the gas powered models with lighter batteries than previously. The Bosch Rotak is estimated to be 40% lighter than most other cordless models which can be a big advantage is you need to take it up steps or carry it from the front to the back lawn. A cordless model is definitely better if you have a lot of obstacles on the area to be mowed. Winding the cord around trees, bird baths and fountains is definitely not easy.

Cordless lawn mowers then are perfect for those with not too large areas to cut. If you keep the grass trimmed fairly regularly they are very efficient and can usually complete the whole area on one recharge. if the grass has been allowed to grow very long you may need to pass over the area twice. batteries do need replacement after a few years but, here again, things have improved and many batteries, including the two lithium ion batteries supplied with the Bosch Rotak mentioned above can be recharged up to 1000 times. Even if you cut your lawn every week they will last you for 20 years!

Options Available

As with all lawn mowers you will need to consider the options you need before you make a purchase. Look for the ability to mulch, bagging options or discharge options. Mulching is favored by many people as the clippings are chopped up into tiny pieces and discharged onto the lawn to provide fertiliser. It also means you won't have to dispose of the clippings afterward. Adjusting the cutting height can be done with either separate levers on each wheel or with one central lever that adjusts all four wheels at the same time. This is much easier and is a feature of the Bosch Rotak series of mowers.


Whether you choose a corded or a cordless electric lawn mower you will be using an environmentally friendly mower that is easy to use, maintain and cheap to run. Think carefully about the size of your lawn and the advantages and disadvantages of both kinds before you buy.

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Bosch Rotak 43 Lithium Ion – Cordless Lawnmower

Product Description

Battery type: Lithium-ion, Battery power: 2 × 36,0 V, Battery charge time: 1 H, Rapid charge time: 80 % of the power in 30 min, Lawn area: 600 m², Cutting system: Rotary blades, Cutting width: 43 cm, Cutting height: 20 - 70 mm, Cutting height adjustment: 10, central,

Type of switch: Full width on/off switch, Grass collecting volume: 50 l, Machine weight: 13.8 kg

Product Details

Innovative grass combs: cut close to the edge of walls, flower beds and lawns reducing the need for edge trimming

Up to 40% lighter than conventional cordless mowers Powered by innovative 36V lithium-ion batteries weighing only 1.2kg each

Simple 4-wheeled design with integral rear roller Single lever height of cut adjustment. Full width switch. Exceptional cutting and collection

Click here for details of the Bosch Rotak 43 Lithium Ion – Cordless Lawnmower

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Thank you for posting the Bosch Rotak 43 Lithium Ion's product specifications. If the price is within my budget, I might consider getting one.

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