Corner Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Corner Cabinets

Existing Kitchen Corner Cabinet space often ends up not being used because it is hard to get to. There are a few options available to you upfront:

  • Empty Space may be ideal for larger items because you will have unhindered depth and height available for storage
  • Drawers can provide easy pull out space for selected items
  • Shelves create additional horizontal space but it can be difficult to reach items at the back of the shelves
  • Variations of the Lazy Susan concept whereby ingenious mechanisms allow multiple shelves to either rotate for easy access or leverage out so you can get to hidden items

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askjanbrass profile image

askjanbrass 6 years ago from St. Louis, MO

I have to say, I've always had an irrational love for these types of cabinets. I mean, I definitely see the benefits and usefulness...but even if those benefits were stripped away, I just love the design and feel.

JohnClokie profile image

JohnClokie 6 years ago Author

You really have a huge choice of designs and prices - starting off with cabinet turntables, thru all the variations of Lazy Susans right up to the fancy blind corner models!

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    Filler Pull-Out Cabinets

    Make the most of the space behind your cabinet fillers with a Filler Pull-Out cabinet. This takes creative use of kitchen space to another level. Smaller items that would normally not be stored in a base unit can now be conveniently accessed without having to reach up to higher cabinets. Ideal for 3 and 6 inch fillers.

    Sliding Susan Pullout Drawers

    A quick and economical way to easily organize those items that compete for ground space. The principal here is that as soon as cabinet drawers are introduced into an area, organisation begins! Items can be separated functionally and the rollout mechanism of these under-mount drawers makes seeing where things are a lot easier.

    Blind Corner Slide-Out Base Unit

    Undoubtedly one of the cleverest designs around! This type of shelf unit has a two stage mechanism that is activated by pulling the first shelf out of the cabinet. Pull again and another two shelves that were hidden move into view and then out of the cabinet door. Left or right pull-outs are available.

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