Irish Cottages for Sale in Ireland

Irish Cottages for Sale

May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back... Of all the places to live, a cozy little cottage in Ireland may be at once the finest and humblest place to call home. This collection of cottages in Ireland that I've found are quaint and often highly affordable. Even if you don't plan to buy, I hope you'll enjoy a walk through the real estate of the Emerald Isle.

Corbally Stone Cottage in Ireland for Sale


Corbally Cottage Before Remodel


Corbally Cottage After Remodel—For Sale in Ireland!

Corbally Cottage After Remodel
Corbally Cottage After Remodel | Source

Corbally Cottage for Sale in Ireland

This beautiful stone cottage is an exquisite layout of every luxury you can imagine—but it wasn't always this way. Capturing the hearts of a couple that spends their days sailboating around the world, this cottage was a run down bit of crumbling rock that had been built in the 1700s, a third the size of what it is now. This couple bought it and lovingly restored it, then put it on the market in 2010. The beautiful landscaping, rock pillars and walls, and the modern interior design are all a product of this couple's vision for their home.

What all does it possess? Starting with the inside: three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a loft, a large kitchen and dining area, a sitting room, and laundry room. They used stone floor tiles imported from Italy (with underfloor heating), insulation imported from Canada, in addition to the Irish stone walls that they tried to keep intact. The inside is bright and sunny because of the eight skylights they installed, and most the walls are white, which helps maximize the light. What's more, is that the furnishings and appliances come with the house.

Step out the door, and you'll find a carefully planned landscape (half an acre of it, in fact!), with winding grey-stone gravel walks, stone walls, private patios for outdoor dining, and hundreds of perennials bringing a flush of color. Under all this is landscaping cloth that will make it easy for amateur gardeners to keep up the look. There are also two outbuildings, a garage/hobby shop, and a garden shed. The garden shed even has a sink, shower, and toilet!

Asking price for this Irish stone cottage is € 425,000.

For Sale: Irish Country Derrymore Cottage

Derrymore Bridge Cottage for Sale in Ireland
Derrymore Bridge Cottage for Sale in Ireland | Source

Cottage by Derrymore Bridge for Sale in Ireland

Open plan living room
Open plan living room | Source

Cottage by Derrymore Bridge for Sale in Ireland

Though built fairly recently ('97) and of Central European influence in its architecture, this whitewashed cottage fits right into the quaint, rural landscape of Ireland's Partry County Mayo. The cottage is a few short steps away from the Cloon River, and just another quick walk to the renowned fishing waters of Lough Mask (Bream, perch, pike, coarse, and trout). If you'd rather fish from a boat than the shore, launch your rowboat from the cottage's personal dock, and stow it when you're all done in the adjoining boat house.

Step into the cottage, and you'll find pure whitewashed walls held up by rustic beams. The interior holds a halways, a sitting room that opens into the Kitchen and Dining room, a conservatory, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an expansive landing that could be used as a bedroom, study, or sitting room.

Asking price is € 375,000.

Glendree Cottage in Ireland for Sale


Glendree Cottage for Sale or Rent in Ireland


Glendree Cottage for sale in Ireland

An old stone beauty covered in vines, Glendree Cottage is two stories high and located on .75 acres. It's currently used as a vacation home that self-caters for its guests, but would make a lovely, quiet country home, bed and breakfast, or could continue to provide an income as a rental. This traditional Irish cottage has its own well, with delicious, crystal-clear water.

This cottage has three bedrooms, a full-featured kitchen and dining area, and a welcoming living area. As a rental, this house has been a great draw for fishermen because of the fifteen nearby lakes (and even more streams!), as well as a draw for those wanting some local music from the nearby pubs and the frequent music festivals. The cottage is located in the East Clare Lakelands between the Feakle and Tulla villages. Only 45 minutes away from the coast, too!

The price is newly reduced, at € 210,000.

Cottage at Mullagh Kilreekil, Ireland, for Sale


Quaint Irish Cottage at Killreekil for sale

With an inviting red door and a rustic grey slate roof, this Irish cottage is cute, cute, cute. It's also an older cottage in traditional rural Irish style, but has been completely renovated with modern gas lines and pipes. What surprised me when I read the property listing is that it actually has three bedrooms, a sunroom in the rear, a large deck, a shed, and a huge garden and lawn surrounding it! It is a much more expansive property than originally meets the eye. Also includes 1 reception room, 2 bathrooms, and comes furnished!

Just across a short walk from a church and a convenience store, but in a quiet "county" area. It's 30 miles from Galway City. Asking price is € 85,000.

Thatched-Roof Cottage for Sale in Ireland—Fully Restored Period Cottage


Thatched-Roof Cottage for Sale

Source | Source
Shamrock Cutting Board!
Shamrock Cutting Board!

Thatched-Roof Cottage in Ireland for Sale

As Americans, we've all heard stories of the famous potato famine of Ireland that sent many immigrants to our boarders. Many of us are of Irish blood today because of these brave travelers. What this little cottage saw and heard can only be guessed. It was built before the famine, and sits on a low hill overlooking the lush farming counties of Kerry, Cork, and Limerick. The thatched-roof cottage, itself, sits on its own 1.5 acres of well-tended garden, wooded area, and orchard. Just a quick look at the pictures of the beautiful raised vegetable beds will convince you that the famine is definitely over for this little home, and it is ready to see some beautiful days.

The cottage has two bedrooms and one bathroom, a spacious kitchen with high ceilings and a peat moss-burning stove! If you need more peat, take your basket to the nearby bog. This cottage comes equipped with peat-rights, so cut as much as you need to keep you warm when the fog settles in. When days are pleasant, step out onto the large, wrap-around deck and enjoy fresh tomatoes from your garden while you enjoy the view of the Kerry mountain range nearby. After the sun sets, you can walk up the original Juliette staircase of the pre-famine days to the quaintly-restored master bedroom with its own roaring fire.

This cottage also has its own well. Located in Rockchapel, County Cork.

Asking price is €188,000.

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Kalmiya profile image

Kalmiya 3 years ago from North America

That's so interesting; I've been thinking for two days now about how nice it would be just to settle down in a nice cottage !! Lovely photos for dreaming; thanks!

Jane Grey profile image

Jane Grey 3 years ago from Oregon Author

Hi Kalmiya! Yep, I love dreaming too-- that's why these photos are up here. Glad you enjoyed!

tlpoague profile image

tlpoague 3 years ago from USA

I come from an Irish heritage and have desired to visit there for a long time. Hopefully the dream will happen some day. In the mean time, I love the photos you have posted with your article. My favorite was the first one. Thank you for sharing these.

Jane Grey profile image

Jane Grey 3 years ago from Oregon Author

My favorite was the first one too! So much care was put into it. :) I hope you'll get to visit there some day!

aethelthryth profile image

aethelthryth 3 years ago from American Southwest

I got to stay overnight in a 400-year-old cottage in England once. It was quite amazing being in a structure older than my nation, with structural issues because paint on some beams had made them less breathable, so moisture had done things to the wood over the past 150 years. I am not used to thinking of century-long structural issues! It was even more amazing to me that it was a normal, privately owned residence, not a museum.

Beautiful pictures.

Jane Grey profile image

Jane Grey 3 years ago from Oregon Author

Aethelthryth, that cottage sounds amazing! It's a treat to just imagine all that may have happened under the roof. But you're right—most our buildings here in America are made to last 100 years, if that. Imagine building something to last for 400 years, and in a damp climate, too! Thanks for your comment; someday I'd like to make it back to England and stay in a cottage like you did.

torrilynn profile image

torrilynn 3 years ago

Hi Jane,

thanks for the insight on cottages in Ireland.

I've always wanted to visit Ireland due to my heritage and

wanted to learn about my culture. thanks and voted up.

Jane Grey profile image

Jane Grey 3 years ago from Oregon Author

Sure, torrilynn! I'm glad you enjoyed and hope you can visit there someday!

molly 3 years ago

a dd Your Comment... some day i,m going to buy a cottage in Ireland and make my dream come true.

vibesites profile image

vibesites 3 years ago from United States

So lovely. I like the thatched roof cottages, that old world charm in them.

Availiasvision profile image

Availiasvision 2 years ago from California

I always thought that, if I made it in the writing world, I would stow away in a cottage in Galway. The city is perfect, it's small, artsy, a tad bohemian, and right on the coast. I'd be happy to be a Galway girl.

RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 15 months ago from the short journey

In honor of such wonderful old places we've always named the places we lived…but to live in one! :)

Marilyn 11 months ago

All lovely cottages. Those who retain the character and charm of the old cottages know it's a labour of love. I'm looking forward to spinning wool near the hearth in our own Irish country cottage very soon!

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