Cotton Comforter Sets

You can find various cotton comforter sets online for very reasonable prices.  Prices vary depending on the type of cotton used and the size of the bed that the set is made for.  Cotton is a favorite choice of material when it comes to comforters, mainly because it is very comfortable, and it is easy to care for.  Sometimes cotton is mixed with other fabric, such as silk or polyester as well, so you can choose between 100% cotton and cotton blend sets.

Cotton comforter sets can be made from Egyptian or Sea Island cotton, American cotton or Asian cotton.  The most expensive cotton is the Egyptian and Sea Island cotton. These cottons, along with some high quality American cottons, are usually used to make luxury comforter sets and sheets.  The thread count is much higher with the better quality cotton, meaning that the comforter is much more comfortable and soft against the skin.  Usually Asian cotton and much of the American cotton is of lesser quality, and you can find some of the cheaper comforter sets made from this cotton.

The reasons that cotton comforters are so popular are many. Cotton allows the skin to breathe, and thus they are really good to use for anyone who has any allergies or who experiences any skin irritation at all.  During summer, they also help to absorb perspiration and thus help your skin to feel cool, even if the weather is heating up.  In winter, you can look into purchasing cotton flannel comforter sets, which will provide you with added warmth and comfort, and yet are great for your skin.

Another plus with cotton is that it is usually easy to care for and clean. Especially with comforter sets bought these days, you should be able to wash them in the washing machine if they are soiled. You may need to use a bigger front-loading machine, or perhaps even visit a Laundromat if your machine is not large enough.  Not only can you wash them, but they are also fine to dry in the dryer as well. This is particularly handy if you have young children, who can sometimes tend to soil their comforters fairly often.

Cotton is also very long lasting.  The best thread count, for optimum comfort and a long-lasting comforter, is around 400.  Cotton with a very high thread count does tend to be a little less hard-wearing, even though it is extremely comfortable, but choosing something with a thread count of 400 will give you both comfort and long-life.

These are just a few of the many good reasons for choosing cotton for all of your bedding and comforter needs.


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