Cow Pots natural seed starter

Roots Grow Through the Pot

Healthy ,hardy celery plants are ready for transplant..
Healthy ,hardy celery plants are ready for transplant.. | Source

From cow patties to cow pots

I tried these last spring and this spring. I like them, they are easy to use.
I tried these last spring and this spring. I like them, they are easy to use. | Source

Pots made from cow manure

CowPots™ were created by dairy farmers who had plenty of raw material. CowPots™ seed starting pots made with 100% renewable composted cow manure. Yes, they are odor free.

I like that you can seed the pot indoors under grow lights. Then transplant the entire pot and plant into the garden. The pot decomposes when it comes in contact with the garden soil. CowPots do not decompose when sitting under grow lights or outside while the plants are hardening off.

The manufacturing process removes weed seeds, and the odor. What remains is a natural fiber pot that is a plantable seed starting pot. CowPots are available in various sizes. Buy twelve packs of 3" or 4" CowPots.

These seed starting pots are an easy one-use planting container made of a natural recycled, recyclable material. It's a feel good product that is earth friendly. Maybe I am helping the planet in some small way.

CowPots should prevent transplant shock, giving the plants a head start. I tried planting a tomato plant in a CowPot and another tomato plant bare rooted directly into the soil. The bare rooted tomato didn't take long to catch up with the CowPotted plant. But just a few days can really matter to a gardener.

If the natural cow manure had any residual nutrients after the manufacturing process, it wasn't enough fertilizer to jumpstart the plant. I did not see much difference. University studies show that starting plants in CowPots can help shorten the growing cycle and increase return by up to 10%.

CowPots may improve production by 10%? As a home gardener with such a small sample and so many variables, I can't judge an increase or decrease that small. But, if 10% will gain me bragging rights for the first red ripe tomato, I am all for that.

Sturdy pots quickly degrade when planted

Plant the pot and the plants continue to grow with no delay.
Plant the pot and the plants continue to grow with no delay. | Source

No Transplant Shock

I like the convenience of CowPots. I like not having all those flimsy plastic pots that break and crack, destined for the landfill. I like that I do not have to clean or store a lot of little plastic pots.

You can see in my photos that the composted manure CowPots allow young roots to easily penetrate the sides and bottoms of the CowPot as they grow.

When planted in the ground, CowPots quickly biodegrade. After about a month buried in the soil, there is no evidence of the pot.

My celery plants are healthy and hardy. I did not see evidence of transplant shock. It was as if the move to the garden couldn't get any easier on the plant or easier for me. I like CowPots™ and will use them again.

The CowPots™ I used were given to me to try. Good thing they were because I tend to be skeptical of new garden products. I liked them well enough to buy more pots this spring.

Certainly there are cheaper ways to start seed. For my small scale home garden, the convenience of CowPots is worth the price. I plan to use CowPots from now on.

To learn more: go to CowPots™

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Patsybell profile image

Patsybell 3 years ago from zone 6a, SEMO Author

I love your pots and will continue to use them for all my peppers and tomatoes

Patsybell profile image

Patsybell 3 years ago from zone 6a, SEMO Author

True confessions: I like them so much, I buy them in bulk. You can never have too many Cow Pots!

CowPots 3 years ago

I'm super delayed in finding this hub. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for giving our product a try to so glad to hear the positive feedback! We keep making CowPots because gardeners and growers like you are willing to give us a try and also because our cows keep making us lots and lots of .... well..... the good stuff! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our CowPots -

mary615 profile image

mary615 4 years ago from Florida

As a gardener, I enjoyed reading about these pots. I had never heard of them. Sounds like a great idea. I'm like you, I'm always skeptical about new products, but these do seem to work. I'm voting this UP, etc.etc. I wrote a Hub about planting annuas from seed. May I link this Hub into mine?? Thanks in advance. Mary

moonlake profile image

moonlake 4 years ago from America

We haven't even started planting will have to try these. From your pictures looks like they work great. Enjoyed your hub. Voted up.

Patsybell profile image

Patsybell 4 years ago from zone 6a, SEMO Author

And, this is a renewable resource. An endless supply.

formosangirl profile image

formosangirl 4 years ago from Los Angeles

What a great concept!

Golfgal profile image

Golfgal 4 years ago from McKinney, Texas

Love it love it love it, thanks for reminding us that we have a tremendous amount of natural fertilizers available in our every coffee grounds. Waste not want not...didn't a few times growing up. I will pass this along.

clairemy profile image

clairemy 4 years ago

What a very good idea, and I love that they can be organic. To late try with the tomatoes, but I am going to start my baby raspberry canes in them and see how they progress for next year.

Voted up and interesting and....

pipmistress profile image

pipmistress 4 years ago from Qatar

Wow this is awesome! voted up and useful! I am going to share this hub.

Jojosi profile image

Jojosi 4 years ago from Complicated

Cowpots seem to be a good thing to the plants. Apart from presenting no transplant shock, plants benefit from the organic manure from the dung, the reason why your celery has got all heads up and look well feed. What a nice idea, never heard of it before. Voted up

Patsybell profile image

Patsybell 4 years ago from zone 6a, SEMO Author

Ever the skeptic, I had to try them for myself. But now, I plan to use them every year.

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

A great hub ;and they certainly work.

We start off every seedling or bulb in these pots and such a natural and quick way to give our plants that great start in life.

Thanks for sharing and here's to so many more .

Take car and enjoy your day.


The Dirt Farmer profile image

The Dirt Farmer 4 years ago from United States

I agree with Fennelseed. What wonderful idea! Thanks for writing about them.

Fennelseed profile image

Fennelseed 4 years ago from Australia

What a great idea, and no shortage of the basic component of the cow pots. I will look into there availability in Australia, as I would love to give these pots a go. Thank you for this very informative hub, Patsybell, my votes to you and SHARING also.

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