Coyote Urine - All Natural Repellent

Courtesy of Donjd2
Courtesy of Donjd2

A Natural Repellent

When working hard to keep your yard beautiful and private, you will certainly understand the frustration associated with unwelcome wildlife coming in the yard and making a mess of things. While not wanting to take drastic and deathly measures against nature, you still want your yard back. Coyote urine is an option that will provide relief from a host of problematic animals.

Coyote urine is simply a repellent. It works by using nature's instincts of predator versus prey to keep the potential pests out of your yard. The chemical repellents used in Coyote urine are designed to mimic the odor of actual coyote urine. Prey animals are instinctively going to avoid areas with this smell. Why? Because coyote's urinate to mark territory, and smaller animals don't want to get caught up with this predator.

Coyote urine has grown in popularity with gardeners.  Many know that deer are a large problem, even in suburban areas.  Attracted to many types of plants, deer will come into yards and help themselves to your flowers, trees and vegetables.  

The scent of a coyote, however, will deter the deer from entering your yard.  Smell will deter animals more in the cooler months,  so coyote urine is best used in combination with other repellents such as deer resistant plants and a fence.

Help Keep Stray Cats Away

courtesy of ejhogbin
courtesy of ejhogbin

Deer aren't the only problem faced by gardeners. Coyote urine will also repel raccoons - famous for digging through trash. It will also help keep groundhogs and woodchucks out of the area too, making your yard safer.

If you have smaller animals, you may want to protect them from foxes. The coyote urine will also work to repel these animals. 

Help Keep Skunks Away

courtesy of donjd2
courtesy of donjd2

As an added bonus to nature, some consumers use coyote urine to train their dog which areas of the yard to use for relief. Dogs want to mark their territory, so they will be uninhibited about marking to compete with a coyote. This will make it much easier to keep your dogs trained to restrict a certain part of the yard for bathroom use.

Try this natural remedy if you are looking for a safe and effective treatment that will keep your yard looking its best. The best part is, it's a natural solution, so it's safe and effective!

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Aletha Saint-Romain 3 years ago

Hi, I'd like to use coyote urine to keep cats away from a bird's nest. Will it repel the adult birds as well? These are mocking birds. Thanks, Aletha

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