Cracked Birdbath

My chipped birdbath
My chipped birdbath

Cracked Birdbath?

Last week I was watering the garden when I noticed that one of our birdbaths had fallen off of its pedastal and cracked on a rock. Disappointed I checked the internet for a replacement that turned out to be quite expensive. I was determined not to throw away my beautiful birdbath and not about to spend $40 to $60 on a new top. I had quite a few seashells that we had gathered over the years and that gave me this idea of filling in the unsightly chip with something that might look natural as the pieces left on the ground just could not be fitted back together. The birds seem delighted with the repair and the cost was only that of the Superglue! Isn't it fun when an unexpected little mishap turns into delight!

Repaired Birdbath
Repaired Birdbath

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SherrieAnne profile image

SherrieAnne 5 years ago Author

Thank you Charlotte and Hyphenbird for your very generous comments about the birdbath. I love restoring anything that can be reused instead of tossing it aside. I so appreciate you taking the time to check my hub.

Charlotte B Plum profile image

Charlotte B Plum 5 years ago

I think your fixed birdbath looks even nicer than was it was before! Love your creativity!

Welcome to hubpages! =)

Hyphenbird profile image

Hyphenbird 5 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

That was a creative way to prevent waste. Many people would have just thrown it away. How encouraging it is to see someone like you fixing things. And it is quite lovely. Thank you for giving others this idea.

smce 5 years ago

Wow! If you had purchased the birdbath that way in the first place, it would have cost three times as much. I like the broken one better than the original. Nice job!

Lynn Kirchhoff 5 years ago

That is so clever Sherrie! Move over, Martha Stewart!!!! ;) Love your new page as well!

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