Creating the dream kitchen


Everyone dreams of the perfect home which of course hand in hand comes with the perfect kitchen.

Nowadays the emphasis for designing the dream kitchen is on creating a work space that balances practicality with personality. Notably the kitchen for most families is the main gathering area for throughout the day, morning; noon and night therefore it is very important you are comfortable and happy with the layout and style. Creating and building the dream kitchen does require soul-searching about the dynamics of cooking, eating, entertaining and living. Not only this, it is quite often the focal point and centrepiece for guests.

In order to get to this contentment, the key to the perfect kitchen is all about space and how you
consider that space carefully when implementing the designing. It’s important to plan the space
wisely in order to achieve the results you desire and have probably been waiting for quite some

The ideal kitchen design should cater for a family and their habits such as eating and entertaining patterns, therefore it’s good to bear this in mind to gain a clearer picture for your kitchens usage.

To begin, it’s best to think about what appliances you use most and essential for the kitchen, (Fridge, sink, cooker) where you would place them in your new kitchen, this may seem very tedious but this will help you create a layout and guide in order to allocate and then plan for the rest of your kitchen and what shape you shall take to suit this. Once you have been realistic about the necessities to place within your kitchen then it’s the best part and the fun really begins – designing it.

A few features to consider:

It’s important to decide on which shape you would like your kitchen to take. There are many choices such as L-shaped, island, open planned, U-shaped or a galley kitchen.

Counter tops / Cabinets
Kitchen countertops come in many materials such as synthetic options, marble, laminate and granite. Each has their benefits – marble is durable but adds the elegant touch, laminate is a more inexpensive material and is also durable, whereas granite may be fairly expensive it provides heat resistance and durability.

Stainless Steel appliances
For over a century stainless steel appliances have and still are being placed in the best kitchens, they convey a sense of luxury with the shiny appearance, very formal clean and modern.

The area that was once one time preserved for the breakfast table has now become a centrepiece island in many kitchens. Kitchen islands vary from large, medium and small. There are lots to choose from to complete any kitchen, big or small. However, many islands are getting larger to accommodate prep work for cooking and also used for dining. The islands also create a more social kitchen where the family can cook, interact and have the space plus storage underneath all at the same time.

Lighting can make a huge difference to how your kitchen is finished. If placed correctly it can create an illusion of more space: for example with the use of under cabinet lighting – it can make the room look larger and more appealing. The same applies for natural lighting, Especially if you are designing a smaller kitchen, the secret is to put in a large window to make the room appear larger and giving you lots of natural light.

Some tips to bear in mind:
Try not to focus entirely on the current kitchen trends that may be available - as you may find yourself locking yourself into a design trend that may only last around a year or so. Instead through research, find a style that is easily adapted over the next coming years.

Know your budget and try and stick to it – whether your building or renovating it can all be very costly and it’s easy to get carried away with all the beautiful designs and various unique styles but it’s good to set a budget before you’re planning and try to stick to it as best you can.

Remember how you decide on the lighting and space is very important as it can make all the difference to the final piece.

Finally, enjoy the planning– although it can be both challenging and exciting, once you have completed all the hard work you will be able to step back, take a deep breath and embrace your dream kitchen which is now reality.


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