Creative and Cost Effective Packing and Moving Tips

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Creative and Cost Effective Packing and Moving Tips

Who says that packing your belongings has to be tedious? You can get all your family involved – even the kids – and have a lot of fun together doing it. Approach packing creatively and you will not only enjoy it, but also cut on packing supply costs. Here are a few creative and cost effective packing ideas from a Durham moving and storage company to inspire you.

  • Pack your belongings by room and use a color labeling system. Draw a colorful line or circle on each box, depending on its contents, making it easier for you to know what goes where. If you plan to hire a crew to help you with moving and storage, a simple color labeling system will help them unpack your boxes faster, in the right rooms. No more kitchenware in the bedroom.
  • Use all your blankets and towels to wrap up the legs of furniture like chairs and tables to prevent them from getting scratched, and from scratching other objects.
  • Save money on bubble wrap by wrapping your dishware, glassware, and stemware in clean socks, shirts, and sweaters.

  • Stuff your laundry bins and baskets with your children’s toys, magazines, and other items that are not easily scratched or damaged.
  • Don’t bother packing the contents of your whole dresser but instead seal the doors and drawers with Press’n Seal or a similar product and then load it into the moving truck as it is. No need to unpack your clothes in your new home – just remove the plastic wrap.
  • Fill any suitcases you have with documents and books. It’s easier to handle a suitcase with books than a cardboard box with books – they may be both heavy, but suitcases have a handle and sometimes wheels. (Make sure though that the suitcase is a sturdy one.)
  • Don’t pack pillows by themselves but use them instead as cushions, to protect the bottoms, tops, and sides of the boxes containing fragile items.
  • Pack your plates and dishes vertically, to prevent them from breaking. You can also consider putting kitchenware in crates rather than cardboard boxes, as some have compartments built in allowing you to easily separate items.

  • Pack your DIY tools and other hard items in beer boxes to make them easier to lift. Make sure though that the bottom of the boxes is solid.
  • Use plastic wrap to cover the openings of your toiletries before tightening the tops back on them to prevent spills. Or to make sure you prevent lotions and creams from being squeezed into a mess during transport consider putting them in one of those baskets you keep in your kitchen for miscellaneous objects.

In the end you should know that no matter how well you pack your items, they will get damaged if handled by clumsy hands or by amateur moving companies. If you want to make sure that all your belongings reach your new home in one piece, you should hire a reputable company offering moving and storage company.

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