Mounting digital photos to aluminum for gallery exhibition.

Digital print mounted to aluminum

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Turn your digital photos into metal wall art for the home

Digitally printing your photos at a print house and having them mounted directly to aluminum or other rigid substrates gives you a unique way to display your prints. To explain further, most artwork is traditionally framed under glass whereas mounting prints directly to a substrate like aluminum or acrylic requires no frame or glass. The end result is your digital photo print mounted to, let's say, a .125" thick aluminum panel with an adhesive (called print mount) and a matte or satin lam over the top of your print for protection. There are a few websites out there that do this kind of work and one of them is a company called BumbleJax ( This site allows you to upload a digital picture, choose your size and then pick a substrate to have your print mounted to. It's super simple and the results are stunning.

Here's a short video showing a print mounted to aluminum.

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ugg nightfall 6 years ago

Kenneth Bitz 5 years ago

These look awesome. Color Mailer by Foto Desk also offers these as well as Acrylic panel prints. I first saw photos mounted on metal panels on the Nate Show.



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