Custom Closet Storage System-Good Investment or Not

While it is one dream of many homeowners to have a beautifully built and easily accessible custom closet, homeowners should thoroughly explore the upside and downside of such a feature. It is true that a custom closet with unique features and storage options will provide value for you as a homeowner, but the options you select may not be universally appealing to a future buyer. Look carefully at the available options for custom closet storage space before you decide to invest. The installation is going to be very complicated and, if expansion is required, may take space away from others areas such as the master bedroom or bathroom. Many future buyers may prefer space in those areas instead, or may prefer to use a different storage solution such as a garage or attic or another budget self storage option. Homeowners should carefully examine all the available options and make a wise cost-benefit analysis.

The Benefits

Custom closets are the optimal solution for maximizing the efficiency of the existing space, allowing you to have a more orderly and organized closet; in fact, custom closets often are so popular they allow people to show them off rather than hide them as they do with conventional closets. Custom closets allow you to build new shelving, cabinets, and rail space that are tailored to fit the needs of the clothes you already own, or even the clothes you intend to own. This may seem like an option only for people who already have large closets, but in fact it is even more practical for those who have smaller closets. Customizing a small space allows for maximum efficiency and utilizes areas of the closet that the existing storage system cannot. Many buyers may view a custom closet with the same fondness as they would a remodeled kitchen or bathroom, so for this reason it can be a very important renovation for a home

The Downfalls

A custom designed closet is not going to be a cheap renovation in most cases, so if you are going to look into it be prepared to spend a fair amount of money. Custom closets do lock you into to a certain set of storage solutions, so as your needs grow it is possible you will even outgrow the new system. This can be somewhat disappointing for people who undertake such a renovation only to find that it still isn’t adequate to their needs. On occasion, adding storage space that is more enclosed, such as cabinets and drawers, can also lead to less rather than more organization. Things that are out of sight are often out of mind, after all, and rather than purging your closet of old clothes and junk that you no longer need, it may tend to accumulate over time.


If you are going to be selling the house soon or if you are certain you will be happy with the results of the closet, then adding a custom closet storage system can be a great feature for a home. If, however, you feel that your needs may soon be changing, for instance if you are going to be getting married or having a child soon, then there might be other ways that your money would be better spent.

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You can find these systems at many online merchants and at your local home improvement store. Don't wait - get started today!

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