Cylinder & Mortise Key Cutting Machines

Introduction & Basics

Key cutting has become more and more accessible to companies in recent years in non-traditional key cutting industries, largely due to the Internet. Traditionally key cutting was the domain of locksmiths, ironmongers and heel bars. Now more companies are attracted to the industry due to the high profit margins available and the ability to diversify from their existing business (for example dry cleaners and newsagents). Key Cutting is a relatively simple trade to learn and can also be highly profitable. It is therefore becoming a popular choice for those who want to start out their own business and go into the locksmithing industry.

Some of the key points to consider when purchasing a key cutting machine include:

  • Ensure the machine cuts the keys that you want to cut.
  • Check the weight and dimensions prior to purchase.
  • Is it vertical cutting or horizontal cutting.
  • How reliable is it?
  • Can it be hooked up to a vehicle for mobile use?
  • Can you buy replacement parts and blades?
  • Are the clamps suitable for the types of keys that you want to cut?
  • Check that blades can be purchased.
  • What material are your blades made from? This will affect the lifetime of the blades.

These are very important points that are sometimes overlooked by people that are new and entering the trade.


238BS Review

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Cuts a variety of keys (as shown in picture) including the popular household mortise and cylinder keys.

  • Easy to operate whilst offering excellent precision.

  • The left side is for cutting cylinder keys and the right side is for cutting mortise keys.

  • Blades are included with purchase of the machine and we also supply spare blades should you need them.

  • Tidy machine, built to last and suitable for personal and business use.

  • At just 18kg this is the perfect machine for both stationary and mobile business use.

  • Built in lamp feature.

  • UK plug, 220-240V.

  • CE Certified.

  • Safety guide and Instructions.

    Supplier - THM Key Cutting Machines

Laser Key Cutting

Laser & Dimple Key Cutting

Cuts a wide range of laser and dimple keys.

  • Smart, tidy, reliable and well built.

  • Easy to operate and offering high precision duplicating.

  • Vertical cutting, with a horizontal feeding handle for ease of use.

  • Perfect machine that can be used for business and personal use.

  • At just 14kg, this machine is multi functional and can be used for both stationary and mobile key cutting.

  • Replacement clamps are available to order across the internet.

  • Basic cutting tools and a spare belt are usually included free of charge with every purchase of this machine.

  • Instructions and safety guide included with every order.


  • Model: DEFU 998B Key Cutting Machine

  • Voltage: 220-240

  • Weight: 14kg

  • Dimensions: 5 x 33.5cm x 35cm

  • Built in light feature.

  • Drawer compartment.

  • CE Certified.

    Supplier - THM Key Cutting Machines

DEFU 100E1

Delux Key Cutting Machine

Delux Key Cutting Machine - DEFU100E1.

This machine is used for cutting mortise and cylinder and type keys. The left hand side is for cylinder cutting whilst the right hand side is for mortise cutting. The 100E1 model offers excellent precision and super ease of operation. The key duplicating time on a machine like this is around 15 seconds.

Supplier - THM Key Cutting Machine

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