DIY Loading Your Moving Truck

When making a move in which you will rent your own truck and load it on your own there are some considerations when it comes to packing the truck. Using boxes that are basically the same size, at least in width, will make them easier to stack inside the truck and reduce the possibility of them falling over during transport. However, how you drive will also affect the safety of your belongings.

In most cases you will probably just want to get it over with and get the truck loaded as fast as possible. You will try to empty one room at a time, taking everything and put it in the truck in the manner in which it comes out of the house. Keep in mind that how the truck is loaded affects not only the content’s safety but also how the truck handles on the road.

Professionals at a Winston Salem moving company offer the advice to pack larger, heavier items first so that the majority of the weight is located at the part of the truck that is closest to the cab. Refrigerator, washer, dryer and other large appliances should be put on the truck first. They should also help balance the load by placing them on the outside of the truck cargo space to prevent the potential of having an unbalanced load.

Using furniture pads between the appliances will not only help prevent damage from them rubbing together but it will also help pack them in tighter preventing them from sliding around while you’re going down the road.

Next, on the truck should be the longer items you’re moving such as mattresses and box springs, sofas, headboards and other longer items. You should also use mattress covers and similar covers on your sofa to protect them during the move. All bed frames will need to be disassembled and placed in the truck. Tape all of the frame parts together so they don’t get lost during the move, and if there are nuts and bolts for the frame, place them in a plastic bag and tape them to the frame so they don’t get lost.

The heavier boxes can be loaded next with lighter boxes on top of them. Boxes can also be packed on top of the appliances and some of the larger items already on the truck. You can also slip boxes under and between tables and chairs to fill the gaps as well as to prevent items moving around when the truck is moving. Don’t forget to put the lighter boxes on top of the heavier ones and all of the fragile items on the truck last.

Be certain to contact a professional Winston Salem moving company and rent the right size truck for your needs. As a rule of thumb you will need a 26-foot truck if you are moving four or more bedrooms of furniture and a 24-foot truck for three or four bedrooms. For two to three bedrooms you will need at least an 18-foot truck and for one or two bedrooms a 14-foot truck. For a small one bedroom or studio apartment, a ten-foot truck will usually be sufficient.

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