Dalworth Carpet Cleaning- A Review

Dalworth Carpet Cleaning

Dalworth carpet cleaning is a company based in North Texas. They service the Dallas, Fort Worth and Sherman-Denison areas.

Dalworth are a family owned and operated company who state that their core business philosophy is total customer satisfaction.

As well as carpet cleaning Dalworth Carpet Cleaning (now renamed as Dalworth Clean) offer upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, hardwood floor care, ceramic tile cleaning as well as grout cleaning, marble polishing and allergy relief treatment.

Dalworth offer franchises to those within the North Texas area and details can be found on their website.

For customers who like to use the same technicians regularly there is a facility on their website to choose the person that works on your home.

The Dalworth Clean Guarantee

Dalworth offer two levels of guarantee for their workmanship and the recurrence of removed stains:

  • Their standard and premium service offers a 30 day guarantee
  • Their economy service offers a 10 day guarantee

In this way they claim to be able to guarantee your satisfaction with every single job that they undertake.They claim that any problems will be rectified under this guarantee.

Dalworth Carpet Cleaning Advert

Services Offered By Dalworth Carpet Cleaning

Dalworth carpet cleaning offer an enormous range of services to get every area of your house as clean as possible. As well as steam or dry steaming carpets they also offer upholstery cleaning. Another service that they offer is to actually make repairs to carpets that have been damaged. This could potentially save householders thousands of dollars if it prevents them having to replace a carpet.

Carpets are not the only thing that can be cleaned. Wood floors, marble and stone, tile and grout and fine rugs can all be cleaned and treated.

Dalworth also have a pet program that is perfect for undoing the damage and odors that dogs can create. Dogs that are not fully house trained can often cause serious odor problems in houses that can be very difficult to get rid of. This is particularly the case when the dogs urine has gone through the carpet and into underlay and padding that is beneath it. However Dalworth are specialists in dealing with this kind of problem andĀ  even offer pet odor guarantees.

Many, many people are allergic to dust mites and they can be a major cause of asthma and other respiratory problems. Dalworth also have a treatment for this however as well as offering mattress cleaning, another thing that can help to reduce allergens in the home. They can even clean air conditioning systems to make sure that they are allergen free.

Finally, Dalworth offer a 24 hour flood and a 24 hour fire service to help with the aftermath of these kind of problems.

What Do Dalworth Carpet Cleaning Customers Say?

Although there are many good reviews on the Dalworth website from satisfied customers there are also many many good reviews which are posted online on other reputable independent websites. An example of one of these would be the following:

"Steve did a wonderful job on my tile. The grout was very dirty and he took extra time to make sure it looked good. It looks so much better and fresher and I and my husband both were very pleased. You can be sure that I will use Dalworth many more times in the future and be sure to mention this to my friends. B, Plano" posted by hops 1974 on insider pages.

"Today, I had the carpet cleaned in my Mother's house. I was amazed at how clean and clean-smelling it was. The carpet has been down for over 20 years, she thought it was still new. When Louis was done, it did look almost new. I am very impressed!" posted on Yahoo.

In conclusion, this company would be great when you are considering putting your house up for sale to get that showhome look. Similarly, if you have just bought a new home and suspect that the previous owners kept pets there or simply didn't keep their home as clean as you might have likedĀ  this would be a great time to use this company.

I have small children with asthma, so for me the allergy service is perfect. As well as this I use special mattress covers and the combination of keeping everything in my house very clean, as well as using specially designed bedding has really improved my families allergies.

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