An Introduction to Deck Container Gardening

Container Gardening and Deck Gardening for Beginners

Growing your favorite plants in pots can turn even the smallest of spaces into a home garden to be proud of. Container gardening offers a world of opportunity in tiny town gardens, concreted areas, and even on balconies.

Nevertheless, to begin with let me just say that no matter how good a hub page you find on this subject, those who are curious about container and deck gardening should take note that there is far more to say to explain it than can be provided in the space we have here. This can only be an introduction but we will cover as many subjects as possible.

You will need the help of gardening magazines and books for the reason that they are of tremendous advantage as they deal with various practical techniques about every angle of gardening. They also faithfully provide a much more comprehensive information sources for avid readers providing the most recent info related to gardening, with timely recommendations on planting times etc as the year progresses.

Gardening Tools

It is basically unfeasible for any container and deck gardener to do without hand gardening tools. This is for the reason that hand gardening gears are the gardening things employed on a day after day basis. A sample of the most useful gardening paraphernalia consists of:

  • cans for watering,
  • shovels for gardening,
  • small rakes,
  • trowels,
  • as well as gardening forks.

Gardening Gloves

When gardening, attempt to constantly use gloves to cover up your hands. Do not be like those kinds of container and deck gardeners who do not pay attention to such things. Those gardeners for the most part have themselves to fault at the end of the day if or when they get into mess. Gloves that are chemical resistant will certainly expertly defend your hands and defend them against risky acids, risky oils, risky pesticides as well as others that can adversely affect the skin on your hands.

Deck Garden Design

You can effectively adjust the form of your deck garden and the arrangement of the container you use through methods available in gardening magazines that center on landscaping. Loads of men and women have gained a lot and known a lot via reading the accurate gardening journals. With the accurate container gardening magazines, you are certain of a continuous flow of clues to help in the designing of your garden.

Moving Your Pots and Containers Around

The ability to move your containers around is potentially the biggest advantage of this type of gardening. As the seasons and the sun's position changes, you can move your plant to a sunnier or shady spot to fit the light or shade preferences of the plant. You will also be able to move plants into the 'limelight' when they come into bloom, or into the background somewhere when they are finished.

Make Sure All Pots Are Free Draining

When potting up your plants always ensure that water can drain freely out of them when watering has finished, otherwise most plant roots will rot and die if under water in a saturated pot. Use pieces of broken pot in the base of your pot to provide a drainage route for excess water, and for plants that are described as needing a well drained soil it may be best to add some sand to the potting mix.

This does not apply to hydroponic gardening..

Hydroponic Gardening

Do you know of Hydroponic gardening? This kind of of gardening is very suitable for a deck garden. Hydroponic growing refers to the growing of vegetation in the absence of any soil; it's also known as dirt-less gardening and different gardeners are starting to patronize this kind of gardening.

Preventing Insect Damage to Your Garden Plants

Measures of a preventative nature are the better techniques to defend your plants and vegetables from insects no matter what the growing method adopted.

Preventing Disease

Disease is less likely for a container based garden by virtue of the fact that it is usual practice to always use fresh potting mix and clean, disinfected pots. To disinfect pots, you should scrub them with a solution of one part bleach to nine parts of water.

Various Uses of Containers
Various Uses of Containers

How Obtaining The Right Gardening Information is Vital for Novice Gardeners

This Can Make Or Mar Your Gardening Experience

The state of ignorance can be debilitating for a novice at gardening. Information is basically the only thing that distinguishes a poor garden from a rich vibrant garden. Having a passion for gardening is really not enough to qualify you to be an expert in gardening.

To be able to make any headway at all in gardening, you will need to learn as much as you can and apply it well. If you aren't sure about where to start looking for gardening information, start with the following sources;

  • Gardening books: You can never really complain for the lack of gardening information with the stack of gardening books that are around you. There are books from gardening experts all around the world just dying to share nuggets of gardening wisdom with you. You can go to your local bookshop to get gardening books and start from there.
  • Gardening magazines: A variety of gardening magazines abound and are available to the beginner in gardening. Once again, your local bookshop can offer you such material.
  • Local Nurseries: Gardeners at local nurseries will be more than willing to dispense with gardening advice if you want it. Trooping down to your local nursery in your free time to learn all about plants and gardening can help you glean enough to start well in your attempt at gardening.
  • Internet: The internet is another place where gardening information can be obtained. Discussion forums are an excellent source of gardening information. In addition, websites on gardening also abound. You can browse through them and select information based on what kind of gardening you are interested in.

How to Start a Deck Container Garden - Tuition Video

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cellulitesolution profile image

cellulitesolution 8 years ago

I agree 100% that gardening is such a massive topic that it's difficult to explain it on one page - let alone a singe book! However, this gives a great overview of container gardening and for beginners it seems like a great option. Lovely pics too!

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Greg from Maine 8 years ago from Maine

I agree about the illustrations. This is a well done hub. Thanks for the food info.

jmcweb 8 years ago

I love gardening and I am going to enjoy this hub

Jupitehero1 8 years ago

You're absolutely right about there being far too much information. But the information you do have is very valuable, I'll make sure to stop back again for any more gardening tips! Great hub!

neelam 5 years ago

I love gardening.I agree about the illustrations.

TK 5 years ago

As a first time gardener I have just had the garden decked and have loads of containers. Some of these contain large plants & trees and the huge pots didn't come with "saucers". I am a bit concerned that if I leave these on the decking they'll rot the wood. What do I do?

seed catalog 5 years ago

Very interesting and insightful. I can relate to this both from a jogging and writing perspective.

heritage seeds 5 years ago

Great site, I think we can all learn something from your idea.this is fantastic looking blog..and I love the way you write!

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