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Many people dream of decluttering and simplifying their lives but have no real concept of where to start. Faced with a home full of years of both genuine memories and mountains of clutter the task ahead can seem overwhelming. However, there are several reasons why overcoming those hurdles and beginning the process of decluttering can have a positive impact on your wellbeing.

For most of us, being in a cluttered and disordered environment is stressful. When it is our own clutter, a voice at the back of our mind constantly reminds us that we should do something about the mess. By contrast, being in ordered surroundings instils a feeling of calm and peace in us.

Similarly the process of decluttering can be used as a means to start afresh with certain aspects of our life. When leaving a relationship or changing career, decluttering can be a good way to remove reminders of the past and allow us to start afresh with a feeling of renewed vigour.

Living in an ordered environment also allows more time to be spent on important tasks, and less time on searching for misplaced items. Becoming more organised also gives us the opportunity to reorganise the things that aren’t clutter, such as photographs, in a way that we can actually enjoy them. 

Where to begin?

The key to decluttering is to start small. Whilst the task can seem overwhelming it will seem less so if divided into smaller chunks. If your whole house is cluttered and needs organising choose one small area to begin with. Depending upon how much time you have available this could be one room, or even something as small as a drawer.

The first step is to analyse what exactly you want from the space you are decluttering. Do you want it to be a place of rest, of work, somewhere where you can go to think? Do you need storage, or filing space, or somewhere to keep your memorabilia?

For example in a bedroom you might combine several of these needs. You may wish one area to be calm and restful, with other areas such as the closet needed to be more focused on organisation for storage.

Plan how you would like your room to be and then confirm that you have the correct storage to be able to create order. Then, give everything in the room a place, getting rid of things that you no longer need and that have no sentimental value to you. You do not necessarily need to throw these things away. You could give them to a friend or relative, donate them to charity, or even sell them to provide funds to help you create your new look home.

Order does not mean sterility

One of the things that many people worry about when trying to create order in their homes is that it will somehow become sterile. That is simply not the case. This inspirations pages on this storage boxes website show that it is possible to be ordered and still have a feeling of warmth and home. 

The key thing to remember in the process of decluttering is that once one part of your house is decluttered, never again let that part of the house become cluttered again. Set yourself a time each day to sweep the room for mess and clutter, deciding what you really need to keep from the day and what can be discarded. In this way you can gradually move around your home organising and removing clutter until your home becomes a haven of order and calm. Not only will this give you an enormous sense of accomplishment it will also give you somewhere beautiful to live. 

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