Decorate with Martha Stewart Halloween Decorations and Wall Clings

Martha Stewart Halloween Collection

Martha Stewart's Halloween collection isn't just scrapbooking and baking supplies. She has added Halloween decorations such as wall clings, scary decor items, window and mirror clings.

Items such as the wall clings let you create things from a life size vampire or witch to impress guests as they enter your home to scary window clings that make your house look haunted. There are also items such as the bloody glitter window or mirror cling that makes it look like blood is dripping from the window or mirror.

The garland greets guests with either Happy Halloween or Trick or Treat. Decorate with spider silhouettes that attach to a wall or hang by a window. A bat set can be stuck on a wall or doorway and also creates a scary theme. Glitter Candelabras make a wonderful addition for a centerpiece. Don't forget to add the bat mobile by your front door. Items called pumpkin transfers can help spruce up your pumpkin creations and let kids decorate their own pumpkin with ease.

Another neat idea are beverage labels to make bottles looked like they are filled with Halloween wine or a poison brew.

Don't forget to add the glow in the dark glitter to your craft items. The glitter can be used to decorate pumpkins, costumes, and other Halloween decorations.

Martha Stewart has always supplied us with wonderful craft tips. Now her Halloween decorating products and ideas can provide the perfect environments for a haunted Halloween party or trick or treat gathering.

Martha Stewart Halloween Decorations

Martha Stewart Crafts Halloween Vampire Assorted Beverage Labels
Martha Stewart Crafts Halloween Vampire Assorted Beverage Labels

Vampire Assorted Beverage Labels. Cover the labels on your wine bottles or other beverage containers with these creepy alternatives


Martha Stewart Halloween Wall Clings

Martha Stewart Wall Clings
Martha Stewart Wall Clings

Halloween Wall Clings

A Halloween wall cling is a great way to decorate a wall. Witches, vampires, and scary monsters can look make it seem as if these life size creatures are in the room with your guests. Add some bats or a scary haunted house and your Halloween decorating will be complete.

Don't forget to make some Halloween cupcakes, punch, and other scary but fun treats for your guests to enjoy!

Martha Stewart Holidays - Halloween Decr

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