Decorative Candles for Home Elegance

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Decorating with Candles

Decorate with beautiful candles to soften, warm up or add drama to your interior rooms. Decorative candles are a classy accent in an elegant room setting. They function as mood enhancers for dining, bath spa or bedroom areas. Candles are a hot decorating item for every design style, taste and palette. Find your decorative candle for glowing style.

Elegant candles come in a range of simple white or ivory tapered candlesticks. Build a large collection of unique candles and candle accessories for more decorative style. Decorative candles and candle holders are available at your local home decor stores as well as online. Coordinate a modern or eclectic decor with these candle holder styles:

  • hand-crafted
  • mercury glass
  • wooden holders
  • glass taper holders
  • chandelier style
  • iron wall-mounted accent

Unique pillars in scented, unscented and carved styles give your room surroundings beauty and a layer of modern warmth. Choose candles that well suit your personal taste. Whether for a simple and modern or classic elegance decor—candles are a plus in room design. Candles are an affordable decorative accent that looks beautiful. They smell delicious and enhance areas in a room for calm or cozy charm.

Candles are a personal design detail for drama, elegance and beauty. They create a mood and have a healing quality for romantic bliss or a peaceful setting. Decorative candles are available for every style, personality and design occasion or theme. Decorate your home with your favorite candle designs. Allow your personal creativity to flow with these ideas for decorating with candles:

Decorate with candles:

  • Inside a fireplace
  • In a grouping
  • For decorative drama
  • To create a feeling of romance or relaxation
  • Hang candle sconces on a wall
  • On a bedside table
  • Use floor candle holder stands

Got room for style with candles? Get creative with candle decorating ideas:

  • Use candles as an affordable and easy update
  • A set of candles used in multiples
  • Use candles as a decorative feature for a dining table setting

Candles by Design Elegance

Candles are a touch of luxury splurge for a guest room, an elegant table setting or a personal style treat in a bedroom. They express decorative flair in the living room with their beauty and appeal. Candles are a collectible home accent that is a decorative finishing touch of modern design. Apply home elegance in casual style with the artistic element of decorative candles. Use beautiful candles as a centerpiece or wall accent modern in style. Enjoy a personal space design with candles for glowing ambiance.

Great Style with Accent Candles

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cloverleaffarm profile image

cloverleaffarm 4 years ago from The Hamlet of Effingham

Great ideas. I use candles over electricity. When used in a small room, they can also be used as a great source of heat.

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EA Barnes 4 years ago

I like your tip about keeping warm with candles. That's great. Feeling warm in a small room with my favorite candles glowing is a bonus I will take.

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