Decoupage a Country Kitchen Cabinet with Artwork and Mod Podge

Decoupage is a French term that means to cut out decorative papers, glue then on a surface, then cover them with a varnish. If you can cut an paste, you can do decoupage, with beautiful results. For a cute project, and to improve the ambiance of your kitchen, consider adding decoupage to old kitchen cabinets, or an old armoire that is used in the kitchen. Roosters, chickens, fruits or flowers all make suitable subject matter for decoupage art in the kitchen.

You will need:

Kitchen cabinet(or other flat surface)

Decoupage medium(clear varnish or glue such as Mod Podge)

Paper prints of your choice

Embroidery scissors

Small, flat paintbrush

Bowl for the decoupage medium

Flat work surface

1. Cut out your paper prints with the embroidery scissors. Hold the scissors still, and move the image of the print around the scissors, in order to avoid snags or sharp angles. If the color of the image matches the color of the cabinets, you may want to leave a narrow border around the image to allow for some more contrast. Set the cut-outs aside.

2. Lay the cut out image on a flat surface, back side facing up. Dip the paintbrush into the decoupage medium, gathering some medium onto the brush. Brush the medium onto the back of the cut out image. Carefully lift the cut out off of the flat surface and apply to the kitchen cabinet or other surface you have chosen. Smooth and flatten as you go, smoothing out air bubbles or wrinkles. Apply additional cut outs if desired, and allow all to dry completely.

3. Finsh by applying a coat of decoupage medium over the entire cabinet surface, covering the cut outs as well. Use long, even, up and down strokes. Allow the cabinet surface to dry completely before using.

Look for Mod Podge decoupage medium in most craft stores. In addition, many craft stores carry sample books of decorative cut outs that can be used for decoupage projects. Old wallpaper may also be used. Children's old storybooks with pictures are also a good source of paper cut outs, depending on the look you want.

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