Design Ideas: Picture Display Solutions

Thinking of design ideas for clean and appealing picture displays can be difficult. Your home will throw up several roadblocks and yes, you may be hanging pictures on plaster walls. However, finding appropriate picture display solutions for odd spaces in your home is worth a little frustration. Many options and templates are available for picture displays. The key is to incorporate all of your design personality in your picture wall. Find out first what inspires you from a design perspective. Perhaps you were at a dinner party or restaurant and were impressed by a well done picture display. What was it that caught your eye? Was it the color contrasts of the picture rails and photos? Or maybe it was how all the pictures spoke or identified with each other without being too similar. Start taking mental notes of these inspirations while in preparation for your own picture display. 

Start your home gallery today
Start your home gallery today
Make your own picture display wall
Make your own picture display wall
Step back and edit your work as you go
Step back and edit your work as you go

The options for displaying pictures in your home are virtually infinite. However, the starting pallet is almost always the same. An expanse of blank or nearly blank wall. If you aren't an interior designer by trade, being responsible for filling a blank void is frightening. But with a little help and research, you'll find it gets easier after you start. But you do have to....start. There are several picture display shelves or rails that you could incorporate along with traditional hangings. Mixing up materials in the display will always look nice. Doing so will also give you a little bit more margin for error for hanging modular style displays.

Step By Step

Find your perimeter margins where you envision your picture display starting and ending. Use painters tape and mark off the area in a large square. This will be your pallet.

Jot down on a sketch pad how you see the pictures being hung. If using picture rails, allow for the full depth of the rail when doing a rough sketch. Remember that the draft doesn't need to be to scale. All you are doing is finding the inspiration. Oddly enough, the finished product ends up looking different as you go anyway.

After sketching the picture display, take a bold step and hang your first picture. If hanging pictures on plaster walls, acquire the appropriate anchors to prevent any pictures from falling. Plaster anchors are especially important if fastening a picture rail with a good deal of weight.

After hanging the first two or three elements for your display, you'll have many opportunities to augment your design. Use these opportunities wisely and edit as needed. If using picture rails in the display, apply these first and experiment with your picture placement. Be sure the scale looks correct before you move on

As you've likely started from one end of the wall, finishing on the other end requires some finesse. Continue to step back to step back and glance at your work as you go. Minor adjustments are easy to make. Chances are you will need to fill some holes anyway. Touch up painting is unavoidable.

Hopefully this piece has provided some solutions for designing your picture display. In addition to the video references on basic picture hanging below, Consider reading these related references I've authored.

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