Design Ideas: The Leaning Ladder Bookcase

If you are searching for a good design idea for accessory storage, consider imposing a leaning ladder into your space. When hunting for the perfect leaning ladder, you'll find a host of different styles, materials, and sizes await. Wading through those options is important when choosing the right ladder for your space. And no, we aren't talking about the ladder you last used to paint. However, an aluminum ladder does have some potential. Ladders as a design element seem to be a sustained trend amongst designers and homeowners alike. Consumers with small dwellings love the small imprint ladders make while maintaining all the utilitarian upside. Another convenience of a leaning ladder is it's capability of multipurpose. Ladders can be used to drape magazines, display books, or even be used as an office alternative. Many leaning ladders or shelves have an option for a larger shelf to be used as a desk. We all know that it's difficult, at times, to keep an office space tidy. So keep that in mind when deciding to utilize a desk shelf on your ladder. Here are some highlights of the most common leanning ladders meant for storage.

Leaning Ladders With Shelves

Ladders with open shelving are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials. Generally, leaning shelves will have 3-6 shelves with an option for one large desk shelf. Most popular materials include painted wood in black or white. Natural wood ladders in maple, cherry, or walnut are also available, but expect to pay a premium for an all-wood leaning shelf. 

Leaning Ladders With Traditional Rungs

In this design application, one will use an actual ladder with rungs meant to climb on. The rungs are used to display magazines or for leaning appropriate sized accessories on. Leaning ladders are readily available new, or one can hunt for an antique ladder at thrift or estate sales. You'd be surprised how much money you can save by repurposing a flea market find. If you choose this avenue, make sure all the rungs are fastened enough and make repairs as necessary before incorporating into your living space.

Ladder Design Application

When designing your space, think first about all the ways the space will be used. Only purchase after qualifying the ladder into the interior design. If your application is strictly for literature storage, consider purchasing your leaning storage in triplicate. That way, you'd have ample storage for books while peppering in some accessories that carry throughout all three shelves.


A quick note about safety might be necessary here. By all means, make certain not to overload any one shelf or rung of your ladder. Heavier items should be left on the lower shelves to reduce the risk of tipping over. Many leaning shelves can be (or are required to be) fastened onto the wall surface with screws or nails. If you are using your leaning ladder in an office setting, it would be smart to think about wire management. Reduce the chances of tipping by purchasing wire management to keep any wiring behind the ladder instead of in front of it.

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Om Paramapoonya profile image

Om Paramapoonya 5 years ago

I love these ideas. I wish my little apartment still had some space for a ladder. It could make a room look really chic. :)

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