Design Solutions: Floating Shelves

To Float or Not to Float

Design problems are often storage related. Finding adequate storage solutions can be daunting for small spaces. One solution to consider is implementing floating shelves into your design. Floating shelves are high in payoff and low on real estate. That is a good ratio for a flat in mid town or a suburban closet. Here are a few design schemes to help guide through scale and material selection

Natural Timbre Shelf

Natural timbre has excellent qualities that enhance any design. The grain and color of wood contrast very well with a number of colors. Trends suggest to pair with graphite, black, grey, greens and blues. Accessorize a wood shelf with a good mix of static vases, thoughtful books, and cut flowers to show off properly

Wood Floating Shelf
Wood Floating Shelf
Black and White Floating Shelf
Black and White Floating Shelf

White and Black Floating Shelf

Floating shelves in white and black are sound choices when you wish to give proper respect to items you want to display. White and black contrast well with any color, but be careful to edit the number of accessories you place on the shelves. Too many trinkets can take away from the impression you want to leave viewers. 

Metal Floating Shelf

Metal Shelving provides is a clean design element that stands up really well for shelving. Metal is far more durable than wood shelving. If leaning towards stainless shelves, moisture issues aren't a problem either. A few things to consider when designing around metal: Bear in mind that having a metal piece anchor a design section limits your ability to accessorize with metal. If you want to showcase your metal art, perhaps timbre is a wiser choice. 

Popular Shelter E-tailers

Burke Decor Home interiors

Application Solutions

After choosing a material, the floating shelves are ready to install. Almost all interior spaces are good candidates for floating shelves. Kitchens and baths are common. Installing open storage solutions above a counter in the kitchen will leave a guest with an impression of being in a much larger space. Consider using shelves as part of a large accent wall. Incorporate and repeat the design in different rooms for connectivity. The options are virtually endless. Keep thinking, keep being inspired, and most importantly, keep creating. 

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Tina Kachan profile image

Tina Kachan 5 years ago from Europe, Croatia

I love floating shelves; they are a cheap, easy and practical way of getting storage space in no time!

susansisk profile image

susansisk 5 years ago from Georgia, USA

Great ideas!

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