Diamond Core Drill Bits

There are many different diamond core drill bits to choose from, and each of
these types serves a different purpose for drilling.  It is important for
consumers to find a premium grade application that is designed for the task at
hand.  If you are unsure of the type of drill bit to choose, research the types
available, and what materials they are designed drill through.

Drilling Bricks and Blocks

If your project involves drilling both bricks and blocks, look for high-powered
and durable regular dry diamond core drill bits.  With tubes slotted on the
sides of the diamond bit to aid in both cooling and extraction, these dry
diamond bits are perfect for job dealing with thick blocks that tend to
overheat, as well as other hard surfaces.  Coming in a variety of sizes ranging
from 7/8-inches to 5-inches, these tools can vary in price from $50 to $150
dollars online.  Choose a reputable manufacturer of bits such as Dynatech, who
offers good quality bits at an affordable price.

Vacuum dry bits are another alternative to drilling when water cannot be used
and the object is subject to dust control.  The vacuum is connected to the
swivel and suctions air outside of the drill to prevent the inhalation of dust.
With a faster removal of cuttings, the life of your bit can be prolonged.  

Drilling both Hard and Softer Materials

If your project involves both the drilling of hard materials like reinforced
steel and concrete, as well as softer materials such as brick, asphalt and
block, consider choosing one of the many wet cut diamond core drill bits.  Used
with either drilling machines or hand held devices, the wet diamond bits
provide fast and reliable drilling with a longer service life.  Made with a
higher diamond concentration for powerful drilling, these are a premier choice
among drilling bits.  

Wet cut applications come in a variety of different sizes for both machines and
hand held devices.  Ranging from 1/2-inches to 24-inches in size and $69 to
$1600 in price, there is a bit that will fit almost any sized project.  Search
online for the best deals and the highest concentration of diamonds for
the best quality.

Drilling Tile, Porcelain, Glass, Granite and Other Hard Minerals

Specialty diamond hole saws are used to drill glass, tile and other delicate
hard materials.  Electroplated bonded tile drill bits and glass drill bits use
water for lubrication and a special technique to drill holes of various sizes.
With a variety of bit sizes and recommended drill speeds, the user will need to
lubricate the medium accordingly to prevent cracks and breaks.  

Diamond core drill bits are available at a variety of online retailers and
local hardware stores.  If you are in the market for a quality piece, research
and look for one that is best designed for the task you have at hand.


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