Great Place to Dine In Fayetteville Georgia

Restuarants in Fayetteville Georgia

I enjoy dining out a great deal.  As a result, I have discovered a great restaurant in Fayetteville Georgia called Mike and C's.  The restaurant is located on South Hwy 85 in Fayetteville, Georgia. 

I have the reuben sandwich with sweet potato fries.  This is a delicious meal which is quick and light.   This meal is suitable for both lunch and dinner.  This restaurant is also open for breakfast beginning at 7:00 am in the morning. 

There is also a bar locate in this restuarant.  But the restaurant is suitable for children also, therefore you can take your entire family for a night out.

Special Events at Mike and C's

There are special events held on several nights throughout the week at this location.  One night is Karaoke, one night is for trivia.   For you poker fans there is even a poker night.  On at least one night local talent performs for your entertainment.

Every night there are several television sets showing your favorite sport teams in action.  As you can see there is something for everyone at this restaurant in Fayetteville, Georgia. 


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