Disney Lightswitch Covers for your Child's Bedroom

Quick and Easy Home Improvement

You want to do something special for your child's bedroom? Change the lightswitch covers. It only takes a second but this small and inexpensive improvement will give any drab room pizazz. Most people overlook the switch plate because it seems like a very small and mundane part of the room. But decoration is sometimes about changing the small details. Your child's face will light up when they see their favorite Disney character in their room.

From the one switch plate, it's not hard to add other things to compliment the theme. You can add posters of your child's favorite disney character. Or if you and your family have visited Disney World and have pictures of the trip, it would be a great idea to blow up the pictures using a color copier and frame it and hang it on the walls and have happy memories in his or her room. For more personalization, have your child help pick the pictures, it's an easy and inexpensive way to decorate.

Lightning McQueen and the Racers

If your little boy loves cars, then it's a safe bet to say that one of his all-time favorite movies is the Cars series. This switchplate is made from metal so its durable and the colors and picture just pop out. Lightning McQueen and his friends will make your little boy smile.

Mickey and His Friends

If your guy likes Mickey Mouse, then this switchplate featuring this classic character will be a bright feature of his room.

If your son prefers a picture of Mickey with his friends, then this switchplate featuring Goofy and Donald Duck will delight.

Each switchplate is beautifully handcrafted with a glossy finish.

Woody and Buzz

If Toy Story is your boy's favority movie, then this switchplate featuring Buzz Lightyear and Woody will remind him of the movie. Like the other switchplates, it's durable and handcrafted and very easy to clean.

Disney Princesses

Snow White, Cinderella, Mulan and Aurora will greet your little girl every time she switches the light on or off. It's a standard switchplate size and handcrafted using a classic decoupage technique. Very easy to clean.

Tinker Bell and the Fairies

For many girls, Tinker Bell and the world of Pixie Hollow are fascinating. Tinker Bell, Rosetta, Iridessa, Silvermist, and Fawn will greet your little girl every day. These switchplates are made from vinyl and are very easy to clean.

Minnie Mouse

This switchplate is pink and features the classic character, Minnie Mouse. It's made from vinyl and is therefore easy to clean. Picture has a glossy finish.

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