Do-It-Yourself Remodeling: Shower Kits

More and more homeowners are remodeling and adding additions to their homes, and nowhere is this more evident than in kitchens and bathrooms. Many homeowners are re-thinking their bathtub-only bathrooms and are adding a separate shower. If you’re interested in such an addition or in replacing an older shower, and if you’re considering the job a do-it-yourself remodeling project, you’ll save time and effort by purchasing one of the new shower kits. To learn more, visit Plumbing Point dot com.

What’s a shower kit?

A shower kit is basically just what it sounds like. Everything you need for your new shower is in the shower kit, including the shower floor, the shower stall, and the shower enclosure. The most popular are the glass shower enclosures. Expanded shower kits might also contain shower doors, shower curtain holders, the shower head, the water control handles, and/or matching hardware to match the rest of your bathroom.

The right shower kit for you

Shower kits come in an array of shapes, sizes, colors, and construction materials. These can range from basic kits that are inexpensive to truly elaborate shower kits. If you have a small bathroom, you might prefer a small square corner shower kit. If space isn’t an issue, you can choose a larger rectangular shower kit. Other shapes are available, as well, including the neo angle shower.

The least expensive of the shower kits are made of acrylic. This is a sturdy material, but in a bathroom with heavy use, the acrylic might show signs of wear after a few years. A more durable option would be an acrylic-fiberglass blend or a fiberglass shower kit. These cost a little more than the all-acrylic kits, but they are more durable and last longer. They also have a warmer feel.

Some shower kits are designed to use a traditional shower curtain, while others can be fitted with glass shower doors for a more modern, sleek look. Of course, the glass shower doors will cost more than a shower curtain.

How do the shower kits compare to traditional showers?

Most traditional showers have tiled walls. The tile grout is often hard to clean and can be a breeding place for mold and mildew. The shower kit, on the other hand, is a smooth surface that’s been treated with a hard, slick glaze. This glaze is super easy to clean and rarely requires scrubbing.

How to decide what size and shape you need

Standard size shower kits will be much less expensive than custom orders. To decide on the right size for your bathroom, check the sizes and shapes of shower kits available. Cut out a piece of cardboard or poster board that size and shape and place it on your bathroom floor in the spot where you’d like to add a shower. This will give you a good idea of how much space the shower will take up. If you’re going to use shower doors instead of a shower curtain, remember that you’ll need enough room for the door to open.

Do-it-yourself remodeling?

If you’re replacing an existing shower with the shower kit, installation will be fairly simple and you should be able to do the job yourself. If you’re adding a shower, it will have to be plumbed into your water and sewage system, which will probably require the services of a professional plumber.

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Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

That is a great model you show there, habee, with a good explicit hub. Thank youi.

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 6 years ago

The shower looks great but I can't imagine doing anything of this nature without professional help.

habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Thanks, HH! Wanna come help us install one of the shower kits??

habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Bpop, It's really not difficult! shower kits are great for do-it-yourself!

elf_cash profile image

elf_cash 6 years ago

Useful info about shower kits.

shadowmia 6 years ago

i'm going to replace my ceramic-tiled small-size shower & want to use a shower kit, but my existing shower stall & base are only 29" square. The contractor sez he can make some space adjustments, so i'd like to know the smallest-size kit on the market & what stores carry a good selection. I've checked Home Depot & Lowes but didn't find anything satisfactory

habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Shadow, search online! You'll find a much larger selection of shower kits there. The prices are often cheaper, too, even when you figure in shipping.

Dee 6 years ago

Any particular websites you can recommend???

habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Hi, Dee. In the first paragraph, there's a hyperlink in blue.

scearcex4 profile image

scearcex4 5 years ago from Virginia

Wondering if I can pull this off in my bathroom. It sure would make it look a whole lot more updated and beautiful.

grabow1 5 years ago

What type of product was used for the shower shown in your article? It has a very clean appearance. Thanks

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