Do Wall Fountains Aid in Respiratory Health?

What is the connection between water fountains and better breathing?
What is the connection between water fountains and better breathing?

We obviously need air to survive, and one way to get plenty of it is through a wall fountain. It might sound a little confusing, but negative ions that are created from a copper fountain, indoor fountain, or any wall fountain will help your respiratory health. Negative ions are produced as the water falls into the fountain. Once the ions are created they are released into the air.

Some people believe there just isn't enough room in their home for a wall fountain. In some cases this might be true, but today there are several different options that can provide you with the right size in your home. Individuals that have respiratory issues can take advantage of the negative ion therapy a fountain can give you. Once you start taking advantage of one you won't experience respiratory issues like you do now.

What's the Big Deal about Negative Ions?

Good question! If you're not familiar with negative ions, you might have seen commercials that revolve around them. These are based off air filters that release the negative ions into the air and clean out whatever pollution is present. This is how a wall fountain would work, except it's a very stunning piece for any home.

A lovely stainless steel water fountain from
A lovely stainless steel water fountain from | Source

So How do these Negative Ions Work?

The whole idea behind them is to clean the air and make it easier for you to breathe. If there are dust particles or anything else in the air, it can make things more difficult for individuals dealing with respiratory problems. A good example of this is a child who has to deal with asthma. Placing a wall fountain in your home can help his or her breathing throughout the day.

Figuring out the Best Option for You

Whether it's a standard wall fountain, a copper fountain, or an indoor fountain, the one you choose will depend on your preferences. Purchasing the right size will be important, but the rest will come down to your decor and taste. The only real thing you have to worry about here is the maintenance. However, these are pretty easy to maintain.

Choosing a wall fountain for your home is a great choice for anyone experiencing respiratory issues. Plus, when you have guests over it's a great conversation pieces. It's so popular that many people decide to get one because of the benefits they offer. Most of the time families don't realize how good they can be for your home. Then again, we imagine you will tell them all about it.


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