Do You Know What to Check on Your Gas Furnace?

Heating and air systems are heavily relied on to ensure that the temperature within our homes is comfortable. This is especially important during those colder months in the air, when you enjoy the warmth your heat pump service provides. That is why it is important to ensure that our heating and air systems are working properly and at full efficiency, but sometimes, it is difficult to remember when it was last inspected or cleaned.

Some of the initial signs of your gas furnace not working correctly are:

  • Your furnace is not running at all.
  • You can hear the fan turning on, but there is very little heat coming through the vents.
  • You notice that the fan is turning on and off more than usual.

When any or a combination of these signs occur, there are some important maintenance tasks you can perform to verify if your heating system is working properly before you call a technician or run out to buy new parts.

If your heating and air system has stopped running altogether, here are a number of things you can do:

  • Inspect the circuit breaker box to verify that all of the breakers are in the "on" position. If a breaker is off, then it probably means that there is no power to the furnace to turn it on.
  • Inspect the thermostat to see if it is set to "heat". If it is not, then the air system will not recognize that it should be venting heated air into the house. This can be tested by setting the temperature on the thermostat to a higher temperature than the current indoor temperature of the house.
  • Ensuring that the power of the furnace itself is set to the "on" position. It's obvious that if the furnace itself is off, then there are no sources of heat being generated and pumped through the vents.

If your heating and air system is not generating enough heat in the house so that rooms are still colder than the set temperature of the thermostat, then here are some parts of the heating system that should be inspected:

  • Make sure that the return air supply vents are not blocked by furniture or kept closed. The return vents are important for removing the cold air from the room, thereby helping the temperature of the room to go up a lot quicker. If these vents are blocked, not only is the cold air going nowhere, but the increased volume of air generated by the furnace can also over-pressurize the home, which can lead to some health problems in the homeowner.
  • Keep the filters in your air ducts clean. A clogged air filter will prevent the heat being generated by the furnace from reaching the rest of the home. This will cause your furnace to overwork itself to raise the overall temperature to the set level on the thermostat.

A simple inspection of the system can save you a lot of time and money on keeping your heating and air system working properly, as well as keeping your home comfortable during the winter season.

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