Don’t Just Hide Your Clutter

Clutter has a notorious habit of building up quickly, and the longer you let it build up, the harder it seems to get under control. There are many small reasons for the buildup of clutter. Improper organization, the lack of storage space, and forgetting to put things away properly among other reasons, can all add up in turning a small mess into utter chaos. Shortcuts during cleanup, like dumping all your stuff into one place like a closet, ultimately aggravate the situation further, making it a more daunting a task to tackle. Here are a few tips you can follow that will help you clean up the mess and help insure it never gets out of control again.

One of the first things you should remember every time you clean up any room in your house is to not take shortcuts. As long as you’re cleaning you might as well organize everything as you do so. Piling stuff together, may give the impression you’re cleaning, but ultimately it just means a larger mess in the long run as you dig through a lot of jumbled stuff to find something you’re looking for. The longer you put off organizing your things, the bigger the job becomes in the end.

If clutter has already built up and it becomes a difficult task to do alone, consider asking everyone to pitch in. If others experience the effort in cleaning up large messes, it may discourage them from contributing to any future clutter. Scheduling regular cleanups also help establish a routine everyone can get used to, avoiding the buildup of any further messes.

While all of you are doing cleanup, bring along storage bins that you can use to separate various stuff. If you find things in the first floor which belongs in the attic, or even just in the next room, constantly walking back and forth is not only tiring, it wastes valuable time you can spend cleaning. Put them in bins so you can bring them all at once, and prevent you from just leaving them behind. Following a system while you clean makes the job easier and helps prevent you from taking any unnecessary shortcuts.

If you think the amount of clutter in your home has become too much even for your garage and attic to handle, but don’t want to get rid of your stuff, renting a budget self storage unit may be a viable option. These budget self storage units are safe and inexpensive and are a perfect place to store seasonal items you rarely use, potentially freeing up a lot of space, which is helpful for those with small homes.

Clutter may be a hard thing to tackle, especially if it gets out of hand. But as long as you clean it up properly and try to keep things in order going forward, you’ll probably only have to do a major cleanup once. Avoid shortcuts and keep the above tips in mind when you’re cleaning and clutter may never be a problem for you again.

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