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It's that time of the year again! The crisp air, the rustle of fall leaves and weekends of football. It's fall.. and back to school time! If you are expecting to live on your own or in a dorm while attending college then you better prepare! You will need stuff for your space and not just any stuff! Decorating is key when furnishing your pad.  Decorate it with comforters, lights, and wall decor. Have the best dorm or apartment around! Check out some dorm room accessories as you prepare for college life.

When you think about Dorm room Accessories one of the first things you may think abot is furniture. There are all sorts of versatile furniture pieces for small spaces. One of the firs thing that come to mind might be a futon. This piece of furniture can double up as a couch or a lay out flat to be a bed. If you are using them to be your primary bed then make sure you are using a futon with a thick and durable mattress! Otherwise you will be having a back ache.

Another great piece of furniture is the beanbag! bean bags are great because you can just plop them anywhere. Beanbags come in all kinds of prints and all kinds of sizes. Bean bags are not just plastic vinyl anymore. Some bean bag companies re making the bean bags as big as a bed! Some bean bags you can turn on it side to use as a bean bag or lay it flat to make it a bed. Bean bags are great in front of the TV or to use with a laptop.

 Take a look at this gorgeous bean bag chair!  This would spice up any room!  The Marimekko six foot extra large bean bag is a unique find.  The Floral print makes it stand out.  It is filled with polystyrene beads.  The nylon cover is easy to clean off.  This fun whimsical chair is a great addition to a dorm room!

 Every dorm room needs a versatile piece of furniture!  This sphere chair folds up  to make room when not in use.  It is a comfortable seat that measures 27 inches wide and is full of foam.   The seat cover is polyester.   This sphere chair comes in just about every college team log you can imagine.  This is a great chair for video games or just watching TV.

                                             Wall Decor!

I know what you are thinking.. get to the decorating part already! There are lots of great ways to decorate your walls! Wall Decals are the most popular way to add some color and style to your space. You can pick a theme and coordinate your Wall decals to your bedspread or other accessories.

Or you can pick sports figures car toon figures almost anything you can think of. I lkie the flower decals and how they seem to glow against the wall.

Easy Instant Decoration Wall Sticker Decal - Sketched Stems and Vibrant Flowers

 I love how this flower  looks like it is growing out of the wall.  The pink is vibrant against any wall color.  This wall decal is easy to peel off and stick again.  The wall decal comes in pieces so it ill be easy to assemble any way that fits best in your space. This wall decal received four and half stars out of five from five customer reviews. Customers comment on how easy it was to put up and how it really compliments their walls.

Richard Biffle (Alice in Wonderland) Art Poster Print - 30x24

Another cool accessory to your dorm room are posters or black light posters. There are a wide variety of black light posters available.  Many of the colors just pop right off the poster.  Alice In Wonderland looks like it may be a popular theme this year in Black light posters.  The one on the right features Alice and many of the characters.  Have fun picking out the characters! 

 The Poster Pocket Black Photo Collage holds up to 10 photos.  This lightweight photo holder can hold your favorite 4 x 6 inch photos. You will never have to be home sick with photos of your loved ones around.  The Poster pocket measures 15 x 28 inches and has protective coverings for your pics.  The poster photo collage is so light you can hang it with double sided tape or thumbtacks.


Apart from decorating the walls Dorm bedding is a very important part of decorating. There are lots of bed in a bag sets available. Featured here is a Tommy Hilfiger Campus Kit. It has a reversible comforter with two color styles on each side. It comes with a matching sheet set and pillow case. This is perfect for any Dorm room.

                                    Organize Your Stuff!

 It's a sure bet you will need a bathroom organizer or a tote.  Whether you are sharing a bathroom or not you will need someplace to put your stuff.  This Bathroom personal organizer is is an example of one of the more economically priced shower organizers. It is a very simple pop up design that comes in blue, orange , green and blue.  This tote is easy to carry your shampoos and conditioners where ever you need to go.  The personal bathroom organizer received four and a half stars out of five from customers.  All were very pleased with their purchase.

Household Essentials 2026 Pop-Up Hamper with Black Polyester Mesh Bag

 Another essential for dorm life is the laundry hamper.  Some place for your clothes other than the floor!  The Household Pop up Hamper black mesh bag is one such hamper. It is convient to expand and pop up when you need it! It is 16 inches wide and 25 inches tall. It has conveint carrying straps so you can take it to the laundry room or mom's house!  This hamper recieved 28 customer reviews and received 4 stars out of five. Customers like that it is durable and that it doesn't tip over when it is filled up.


Light up your room right with your favorite Tiffany Desk lamp representing your favorite college team. The college desk lamps are 24 inches tall and have real stained glass. You can find a stain glass lamp representing just about any of your favorite college teams. This would be a perfect going awya gift for your son or daughter.Or this would be great housewarming gift for your college student's first apartment!

 No doubt you will have your cell phone , MP3 player  or Ipod.  Get a charging station to always be charged up and prepared. The Grassy Lawn changing station can help you hide all of the those messy wires. The faux leather charging station is a more practical approach and is reasonably priced.

Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

 Never miss another class again.  This Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock  has 113 decibels to wake up the deepest sleeper. The clock has a 12 volt bed shaker if the noise doesn't do the trick.  The alarm is adjustable and yes there is a snooze button!

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