Dorm Room Essentials

Dorm Essentials For Your Room and College Life

Going off to college is one of the most exciting and most daunting experiences. Though I prefer exciting..going off to college is also the first time that you will be away from home, living away from mom and dad. Though this may be exciting you will also need to a few Dorm Essentials to make sure you don't end up calling your mom every time you need something.

Bookcases can be used as storage and to divide spaces...perfect for a small dorm room
Bookcases can be used as storage and to divide spaces...perfect for a small dorm room | Source
Comfy Chair for Dorm
Comfy Chair for Dorm | Source

List of Dorm Room Essentials

Dorm Bedding

  • Sleep is often the least of your worries when in college but you do need to get plenty of rest. Dorm Bedding is therefore essential, the bed has to be comfortable. Choose Comforter and blankets that suite your taste but also consider the colors.

Dorm Furniture

  • A few essential furniture includes a desk, a good chair, a bookcase, futon or sofa bed. If you happen to find a room with a bed then you can opt for a bean bag chair.
  • Shelves for storing books or as a space divider.
  • A comfortable chair is essential when burning the midnight oil.
  • You will also need a mirror and clothes hangers.
  • Lighting Desk Lamps. If you spend long hours burning the midnight oil then you need a good desk and desk lamp.

Dorm Shower Caddy

  • Sharing a bathroom means that you can’t keep all you shower produce in the bathroom. The best way to transport your toiletries is in a shower caddy. The best dorm shower caddy is the plastic basket type. These are great for drainage; wear won’t collect in the caddy.

Dorm Appliances

  • You ay consider investing in a mini fridge you can pick up a few desk top fridges perfect for soda and a few cold treats.

Dorm Beds

  • If you end up in a room with a bed then it may be best to invest in a loft type bed this is the ideal space saver and great way to divide use of space .College is also about having fun as much as it is studying. You want to create e a room that is fit for study and is good for having guest over too.
  • Keep it casual. Bean bag chairs are always a big hit and they are affordable and flexible enough to be moved around easily.

More Dorm Essentials

  • You may need basic cutlery and glasses unless there is a shared kitchen. You should also consider a filter water jug unless for cooking.
  • A mat for the bed.
  • Posters for a personal touch.

Where to buy Dorm Essentials.

  • Target offers the best and most affordable Dorm room essnentials.You can fund a wide variety of dorm furniture, dorm fridegs and everything you need for a great start college in the New Year. Target also offers free shipping on some dorm essentials. View Dorm Essentials in Target Online.


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