What You Need to Know About Double Bathroom Vanities

an elegantly-designed double bathroom cabinet.
an elegantly-designed double bathroom cabinet.

Sharing a bathroom doesn't have to mean you will be constantly fighting for sink space. Double bathroom vanities may be the solution you have been waiting for! You will no longer have to worry about bumping into your spouse or housemate when you need to use the sink, and you will also enjoy the additional storage space your bathroom vanities affords you.

Really, one could hardly argue that a bathroom is "complete" without a fitting bathroom vanity. Not only do these indispensable bathroom features give your bathroom an elegant appearance, but they also give you lots of additional storage space. These vanities provide ample storage space beneath the sink, and double bathroom vanities provide plenty of surface area on the countertop to keep your toiletries and other necessities. All things considered, from the countertop to the sink to the storage unit, your double bathroom vanity will be both beautiful and very functional.

So what kind of double bathroom vanities are out there, anyway?

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A quick Google search should yield myriad results, from a wide number of reputable online retailers. There are so many types of vanities, so many options available to you, that you should take your time and take all possible considerations into account. First, you'll have to consider the material of your bathroom vanity: for a more traditional appearance, consider a wood double bathroom vanity. Choose from rich mahogany, majestic oak, sturdy teak, or even delicate ash burl. Wood bathroom vanities are often more ornate than their metal counterparts.

If you want a more modern look, many bathroom vanities are available in metals such as stainless steel or copper. Often, the vessel sink is either metal or glass. Metal vanities are very sophisticated and contemporary, but they are more difficult to maintain than other sink types. However, if properly taken care of, your metal double bathroom vanity is durable enough to last a lifetime.

Bathroom vanity mirrors are often frameless, brushed glass. There are a number of options as far as sheet cuts are concerned, including simple rectangular shapes and other, more interesting designs. Some come with a pair of diffuser lights, which add a significant amount of elegance to your vanity and your bathroom as a whole. These lights are generally very easy to install, and can be purchased separately from your double bathroom vanity, though it's cheaper to buy them together.

Many double vanities provide ample storage space in their bathroom cabinets.
Many double vanities provide ample storage space in their bathroom cabinets.

Another great thing about double bathroom vanities is the price: double bathroom vanities are twice as useful as their single sink counterparts, but they only cost a little bit more.  Paying the little extra is well worth it, as you'll enjoy enhanced space, less sink related conflicts with the people you live with, and less stress overall.  Besides, double bathroom vanities are often just as attractive and decorative as single bath vanities, if not more so.   

Many modern vanities also feature stainless steel towel rails for even more space saving bathroom efficiency and storage.  These rails often serve as trim for the utilitarian and well designed cabinets.  It's the little details like this that truly make the most of double bathroom vanities, and make them the perfect appliance to decorate your bathroom and improve its functionality.

The price of these bath vanities may be discouraging for many prospective consumers, but if you spend enough time researching, you are sure to find a great deal.  Most online retailers offer highly competitive prices, and some will match the prices of their competitors.  Another perk of shopping for bathroom vanities online is that many major online retailers offer totally free shipping, so you can find a great fountain, at a great price, without having to ever leave your home!    It's easy to find double bathroom vanities online at factory direct pricing, and if you're still not satisfied, look into clearance bathroom vanities on these websites or on community sale websites like E-bay or Craigslist.

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bathroom vanity sinks 7 years ago

Hi. These designs are amazing. Unfortunately, my bathroom space is limited so I can't really go for double sinks.

Modern Vanities at Wholesale Price 7 years ago

Visit our website for wholesale pricing on Modern Contemporary Bathroom Vanities. We are located in Miami, Florida and we ship dozens of orders throughtout the USA weekly.

cartechz profile image

cartechz 6 years ago

Very informative content. I can see you put a lot of thought and hard work into creating your hub. Hope it pays of for you.

Steph 6 years ago

A very informative hub. I personally am a great fan of bathroom vanities and we often use them when space is tight.

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