Double Late Tulips - The Rose or Peony Tulip

Double Late Tulips have extraordinary petal-packed bulging buds that explode into massive Peony-like flowers (up to 4", 10cm across).

They are similar to Double Early Tulips, but taller - 18-24 inches (45-60cm), later flowering - mid to late May - and fewer, with only 200 varieties. They are sometimes called Double Rose Tulips or Peony Tulips.

Double Late Tulip
Double Late Tulip

Growing Double Late Tulips

These heavy flowers do best in sheltered spots, out of the wind, and in vases, where they are very long lived. Deep planting of bulbs is also recommended for extra support.

For a longer display, mix these late-flowering varieties with earlier-flowering ones, such as Greigii Tulips (March and Early April), Fosteriana Tulips, Kaufmanniana Tulips, Single Early Tulips, some Species Tulips, Peony Tulips (Early), Triumph Tulips, Darwin Hybrid Tulips, and Single Late Tulips. (See Buying Tulip Bulbs.)

Tulip Orange Princess

Amber double tulip with bronze flames, tips and stems, Tulip Orange Princess is the double form of tulip Tulip Princess Irene.

It has been awarded the Royal Horticulture Society's Award of Garden Merit.

Tulip 'Orange Princess'
Tulip 'Orange Princess'

Tulip Angelique

Tulip Angelique is more like a old-fashioned rose than a tulip with its distinctive scent and double rosettes of flushed frilled pink and white petals.

Height is 28" (70cm), and Tulip Angelique is an RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Froth it up with any of the white parrot tulips, such as Tulip Super Parrot or tone it down with an elegant green and white Viridiflora tulip, such as Tulip Spring Green.

Tulip 'Angelique' is one of the best Double Late Tulips for naturalizing (spreading).

Tulip Angelique
Tulip Angelique

Tulip Carnival de Nice

Award-winning white tulip with red splashes and silver-edged foliage.

Tulip 'Carnaval de Nice' has been awarded the Royal Horticultural Society's prestigious Award of Garden Merit.

Tulip Carnival de Nice
Tulip Carnival de Nice

Tulip Ice Cream

This is quite a bizarre tulip, which looks like an ice cream. A cone of green-streaked outer pink petals holds a scoop of fluffy white inner petals.

Height is about 18" (45cm).

Tulip Ice Cream
Tulip Ice Cream

Tulip Lilac Perfection

Lilac and Purple Double Tulip

Tulip Lilac Perfection has enormous double purple-veined lilac flowers.

A stunner in the vase or the border. Try it with raspberry and pink Aquilegia 'Nora Barlow', which flowers in May and June.

Tulip Lilac Perfection
Tulip Lilac Perfection

Tulip Mount Tacoma

This has to be one of the most beautiful white tulips. Green-white rounded buds fade into huge fluffy double flowers of white smudged with green.

It's fragrant too, and grows to about 10" to 12" (15cm to 30cm). It looks fantastic in pots or with black tulips, such as Tulip Black Parrot.

Tulip Miranda

Tall and in your face, Tulip Miranda has huge glossy crimson double flowers, which make fantastic cut flowers.

Height is about 20" (70cm). It will tolerate some shade.

Try it with red parrot and lily-flowered tulips, which flower at the same time.

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