Double Duvet Cover

Changing your double duvet cover can totally change the look of your bedroom.  If you are like most people, you probably like a little variation in your life, and one great way to get it is to change your duvet cover. 

Practically speaking, anyone who uses a comforter, or duvet as they are also commonly referred to as should also buy a cover for it. Most covers are machine washable, and it is much easier and faster to watch a double duvet cover than it is to wash the actual comforter, should it become soiled. Duvet covers also help to absorb moisture and perspiration, and in help to protect your comforter.

Duvet covers are not expensive, and you can even pick them up for a little over $50. Of course, some are much more expensive than this--it all depends on the material they are made from, and their thread count, but if you would like to spruce up your bedroom, and add a bit of variety to your life, you could always purchase several sets and change them often. 

Some people like to choose different covers to match each season. For example, light pastel colors match well with spring, and soft floral or plant designs also look great during the spring months.  As the temperature is heating up, you would probably want to go with a lightweight fabric, such as nylon or rayon. 

Once summer arrives, nothing can look cooler and give the impression of open spaces than a white duvet cover.  During the hotter summer months, you will probably feel more comfortable with a cotton cover, or possibly a cotton and polyester blend. These wash well, and they also are very comfortable to have against the skin during the warm summer nights.

Fall always makes me choose earthy colors and tones.  Think in terms of falling leaves, the browns, beiges, or dark greens, deep orange and burgundy colors.  You will probably want to trade your lighter cottons and satins for something that can offer a little more warmth during the chilly autumn nights.

When winter arrives, you will want something that is warm and inviting. Dark colors add warmth to a room's overall ambiance. While velvet is a great choice for a winter cover, be sure that it is machine washable.  Heavier cotton covers and even micro suede covers are also a good choice for the cold winter months.

Not only will you give your room a refreshing uplift by changing your duvet covers with the changing seasons, but you will also enjoy a comfortable night's sleep, whether it is a hot and sultry mid-summer night, or a chill winter's evening.


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