Dressing Room Decorating


Do you have space for a dressing room? Make new space or re-purpose a space for a clean, simple elegance dressing room area. An extra-large walk-in closet or spare room is the perfect space to function as a modern dressing room.

An extra or unused space is great for a closet expansion and a better or unexpected use of a space. Personalize a dressing room area with creative style. Choose a coordinated look, a decorative theme or a fresh contemporary style for a dressing room space.

Personally customize a dressing room or dressing area in a bedroom or area near a bathroom. Use coordinating storage baskets, bins and other closet organizers for storing and arranging clothes, shoes and accessories. If the space is available, add in affordable modern dressers.

Decorative trays and containers for jewelry are elegant catch-alls for personal trinkets and perfumes. Maximize the closet area with new hangers, shoe storage holders, wall hooks and modern laundry hampers.

Decorate a dressing room or dressing area as a personal endeavor. Use a modern furniture chest, a beautiful focal point chandelier and a decorative bench. Add stylish accents such as framed wall mirrors and artwork as decorative details.

A shelving system with drawers, open and closed storage and laundry containers help keep a dressing room neat and organized. Stylish accent furnishings offer an option for personality and modern design.

A beautiful patterned rug, modern classic lamps, an elegant chair or pouf are accents of inspired elegance. Use soothing clean colors in your dressing room décor. Give your dressing space a sophisticated look with wire closet organizers, wooden hangers and leather-trim linen fabric boxes.

Design a well-organized dressing room that looks and runs like a spacious personal nook. Enhance a dressing room with a beautiful window treatment. Decorative mini-blinds, roller shades or drapes are elegant window adornments.

Use coordinated closet organizers for stylish storage of shoes, purses and other fashion accessories. Decorate a dressing room for an uncluttered and pleasing appearance.

Keys to Dressing Room Style

  • Upgrade your dressing area decor with decorative materials like wood, metal, plastic and woven fabric for containers.
  • Keep walls soothing and fresh with neutral color shades.
  • A decorative style update in a dressing room starts with smart storage choices.
  • Create a unified theme of personal efficiency.
  • Add glamorous, unique contemporary mirrors and wall accents.
  • Use comfortable accent chairs and ottomans.
  • Elevate your decorative desires with a personalized, neatly organized dressing room.

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