Dust Mite Mattress Cover

People with dust allergies who experience frequent allergic reactions and asthma like symptoms may also be allergic to dust mites and their feces or droppings. Dust mites are from the insect group arthropods which is the same family as spiders. They are eight legged creatures that are microscopic in size. You would need a vacuum with a hepa filter to such them up and contain them otherwise they are so small thy'll just get spewed back into the environment. They are also called bed bugs because this is a space in which they remain so prevalent in the average american home. not everyone reacts strongly to dust mites. people with inhalant allergies or asthsma are the ones more prone to severe reactions. Dust mite feces are comprised of enzymatic proteins which is the main culprit for the aggravation of their asthma attacks, allergic rhinitis and allergic reactions.

Dust Mite Control

They feed on dead human skin cells that fall on our bedsheets while we sleep. Dust mites are to beds what ants are to the earth. They are hardy creatures that won't bite us but they are noxious looking critters under a microscope that look like they would carry every disease like cockroaches do. They may not carry disease and germs but their droppings may elicit allergic reactions from some people. In this case many people opt for a dust mite mattress cover and dust mite pillow covers that help reduce dust mites to a level where they don't cause that much of an allergic reaction among people who are sensitive to these creatures.

How Dust Mite Covers Work

Products like sprays and dust mite mattress covers can help if used correctly. In the case of the covers the idea is to prevent your mattress from becoming a reservoir for the accumulation of dust mites and their droppings. Covers are made from material that prevents dust mites from going through your sheets, pillowcases and bed coverings into your mattress. these covers make it easy to vacuum the surface of your mattress of dust mites and their dropping. Because dust mites are only .3 of a micron in diameter and their droppings even smaller, you would have to be using a hepa filter in your vacuum. There is no such thing as dust mite proof mattress covers. there is only the promise of a reduction in dust mites which also depends on how good of a job you do in cleaning off the cover in the first place

Dust Mite Covers For Furniture

If you're severely allergic to dust mites and/or their droppings then it behooves you to also get dust mite covers for your other furniture as well like a dust mite crib mattress cover for your child. It is highly likely that these allergies may develop in children who are exposed to breathing in dust mites a an early age.

Again the principle is the same. You want to prevent your mattress or furniture from becoming a reservoir for dust mites where each attempt at dusting or cleaning raises a cloud of dust mites into the air (invisible) that we inhale and then the allergic reaction trouble begins. A dust mite cover for any furniture that cannot be dusted easily like furniture with fabric coverings like velvet or suede is a must. The covered furniture will allow for dust mites to be easily captured from the surface by a vacuum without raising a cloud of dust mites that can be inhaled and provoke an allergic reaction. It will also keep dust from transferring to the furniture where it can go deep into the fabric.

How to Kill Dust Mites

It is important to also keep other furniture like side tables, coffee tables and headboards dust free to keep dust from just transferring from one place to another. Moisture and dust are what dust mites prefer so also keeping bed linens, blankets, carpets, and furniture as dry as possible will help reduce the incidence of mattress cover dust mites. Dust mite sprays are generally not considered effective. Dust mites find it hard to exist in temperature extremes so a good bet is to wash bedsheets in very hot water or have a hot dry cycle on your dryer. if your water does not get hot enough then you can also put your sheets in the freezer and then thaw them out. This will definitely kill the mites but will do nothing to rid you of their droppings which are equally responsible for allergic reactions.

Dust Mite Bedding Protection

Dust mites mattress covers protect your mattress. What about your box springs? It is highly recommended that you get vinyl covers for your box springs so that dust mites don't get into the fabric covering of your box springs. The rule here is the same for moisture. Be sure to periodically clean your vinyl casing and vacuum your box springs while checking for moisture buildup. Any mold or mildew that forms anywhere will be a welcome mat for dust mites

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Dust mites are quite a nuisance and need to be kept at bay especially with small kids in the house. Great Hub.

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