Easy ways to clean your bathroom

Let's Get Cleaning

We can make our bathroom clean the easy ways. First make sure that your materials are on hand. A pail of water, soap or a thick cleaning solution because sometimes soap alone is not enough or me. Then a brush or scrubber and a pair of gloves. Pour some thick solution in the toilet bowl and let it stand for a few minutes. While waiting, spray some solution into the tiles of your bathroom walls and floor, include the sink and the tub. Scrub the tiles starting at the sink, then to the tub and on the walls down to the floor alternately pouring water until you get the desired cleanliness of the area. Last, scrub the toilet bowl using the bowl scrubber then flush it. Rinse the whole area then wipe clean with a dry cloth or mop.You may decorate it with some fresh flowers or a scented candle. If your bathroom is too big, it may take you a half day to clean it depending on your cleaning materials and on your strength.


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